Friday, January 13, 2017

San Diego California: January 2017

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A few thoughts from my Sonictapestry site: a retro celebration/reflection blog post on Dr. Martin Luther King Day.

We're here in the new year 2017. It's raining a lot this January in San Diego.

                                                                       Delores Fisher

San Diego Sports News

San Diego, California is in a very interesting sports city position as of a few days ago. We no longer have our football team the Chargers. Many of the Chargers were not only "paid athletes" they were also responsible community members. As newscasters have reminded us: the Chargers raised money for charities, attended community events, visited hospitals and schools. The team's leaving is an impact that will take time to heal. However, it also sets us up for a new professional football team to come to our city. We are sad to see the Chargers leave. Just asking professional football teams in general:  Would you like to play football for us? If so, come on down!

And ya know,  as I stated on Twitter, we have other professional teams and sports.

We have a champion indoor soccer team-The San Diego Soccers ,
a  professional hockey team- The San Diego Gulls  ,  a professional baseball team The San Diego Padres- , and even a professional  women's football team The Surge in the wings ready to start:

We also have award winning little league teams, high school teams, and college teams.
(Go San Diego Aztecs! Mountain West Champions and winners of the Las Vegas Bowl 2017)

As we continue into 2017, some San Diegans will have to calm themselves and hope for the best.

                                                              Delores Fisher

Singin' in the rain? We're trying.

Just sayin'
Delores Fisher

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