Friday, August 7, 2015

A Delores Fisher Outside View: San Diego Comic Con 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2015 was quite an event this year with more interactive family oriented events outside the Convention Center for those who did not(it sold out REALLY fast for 2015) or could not purchase a ticket. As you all know, I like to cover the outside events and have a blast with cosplayers who dress up in costume for what ever reason. I watched as several young bloggers mingled with the crowds, asking questions and writing down responses. I had to smile. San Diego Comic Con is an event during which bloggers can cover a plethora of topics  from diverse perspectives.(See my series of posts from the Sonictapestry Blog :

 This year was filled with inter-active outside events as well as cosplayers willing to share a pose or a smile.

                                                   Wonder Woman/ Super Dog
(outside Spreckles Theater where Conan O'Brien broadcast several shows)

 A moment to remember: Me and the uproarishly hilarious "Sharknado Girls"

Outside "happenings" also included a giant Simpson robot:

                             Delores Fisher with Homer Simpson Robot

A HUGE Snoopy dog douse installation

                                                   Me with my Sharknado souvenir

 A Ferris Wheel at Petco Park:

A Cosplay competition in the Interactive Zone

One of my favorite cosplayers took time for an interview that I will post on Youtube soon. We discussed the new diversity/inclusion perspective of Marvel Comics and its narratives that provide accessible reading opportunities linked to enhance literacy.
                                                     Delores Fisher and the Flash

A 4th post on Sonic Tapestry will explore impacts of comics and literacy on our diverse populations.

San Diego Comic Con 2015; it was interesting inside and out.
Delores Fisher

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