Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Seasons: What Are You Wrestling With?

Thanksgiving and especially Christmas seem to bring out the best and worst in folks. It's as if many just don't get beyond the yearly grumblings, "Why did they get me this gift? I can't buy one of equal value!" or "The way they been acting, they don't deserve a gift from me." And, sometimes, "I don't have a gift to give, I'm such a loser." or, "I don't feel worthy of receiving a gift from anyone. Look at me, I'm worthless!" Do you wrestle with these thoughts?
                                           Delores Fisher . . .photo by Blackberi
Others run from store to store silently chanting "Gotta spend, gotta spend, gotta spend, spend, spend."

Perhaps a slowing down of what we do on the daily will help us all to remember that our most precious gifts are those that money really, truly can't buy in their purest form . . . time, patience . . . love . . . peace . . .joy . . .forgiveness . . .compassion . . .thankfulness

Do we want our days of holiday celebration filled with stress and guilt? Giving thanks should be guilt free. Christmas without multi-colored light shows, trees, ornaments, santas, egg nog, warm apple cider, sleigh rides, reindeer, crafted songs that invoke nostalgic memories of those we love present or absent, is still a celebration of a most precious gift - - - Christ's birth and all that follows from his life's work here on Earth.

Perhaps it is that thought, as it is observed during this time of the year's other spiritual celebrations, which makes an intentionally consecrated heart-place for sincere gestures of giving to those we love and about whom we care.

Delores Fisher . . .photo by Blackberi

 For those who are givers, material "things" are nice. However, what about words of kindness, encouragement, and forgiveness, moments of sharing laughter and life stories, expressions of empathy in a hospital room, nursing home, or on a street with those who are homeless? Positive gestures that once released, can transform others' lives for the better. None of us are perfect within ourselves.

                                       Delores Fisher . . .photo by Blackberi
Maybe if we just look a little deeper into the reasons for Christmas, we would wrestle less with how to celebrate it's purest intent.
Shine a light on the joy.
Delores Fisher

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