Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Over 10,000 views world wide-Thank You Readers

                                         Delores Fisher Banned Books Reading

Wow, we made it. Going towards the 15,000 mark. Readers and followers in the US, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, France, China and the United Kingdom lead the number of views.  Welcome to new readers from Austria, Australia, Ghana, and Kenya.

      Librarian Marc Chery and special guest reader Delores Fisher

It's been a whirlwind few weeks after the San Diego Central Library's Banned Books Readings appearance.

I recently served as moderator and panel member for San Diego Comic fest this was my official Comic Fest appearance schedule:

San Diego Comic Fest panel: Science and Mutation Experiments Gone Wrong BJO Tremble, Delores Fisher, William H. Stoddard, Andy Howell, Liam Sharp

It was so much fun hanging out with Star Trek's BJO Tremble and her husband John after BJO and I had such raucous pleasure  on the Science and Mutations Experiments Gone Wrong panel with author William H. Stoddard professor and hard Science writer Andy Howell  and UK graphic artist/novelist Liam Sharp Thank you all for making my moderator experience such a sci-fy ultra glow!  I will post more in a few days.

San Diego Central Library's Banned Books readings is always an adventure for me. It was quite fun to read poetry from Nikki Giovanni's Our House. Her ideas and words resonated with my nascent concepts of "self" as a youthful African American teenager evolving female identity in a racially divided America.

And of course, I mentioned the city of Ferguson Missouri and the social unrest that still simmers as the media tries to ignore and thereby "invisiblize" the peoples' concerns-Black, Brown, and White-about lack of voice and representation.

A small crowd of avid listeners sat and interacted with us at the reading. Our voices were amplified onto several floors as we "inflicted culture" (a phrase learned from library staffers two years ago) into the mix of reasons to "be" at the Library, inclusive of gathering to  seek information and knowledge. A prose writer as well as poet Nikki Giovanni's work continues to inform, to speak knowledge to ways of finding one's voice situated  in myriad contested "locations".

A few more photo highlights.........

Host librarian/author Jen Geran read from the Tropic of Cancer

                                              Local author Heather Fowler

                                            Jen Geran and Heather Fowler

                                       Delores Fisher and Jen Geran

                                           Delores Fisher and Heather Fowler

At the end of our reading, we had a chance to talk casually with Marc Chery and Jen Geran. More appearances are in the works for late 2014 or early January 2015.

Explore the world of banned books-expand your horizons. . .
Delores Fisher

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