Sunday, July 27, 2014

The 2014 Comic Con Chronicles Cosplay Edition: Friday part 3

                      Insider host Kevin Frazier and me (Delores Fisher)

First, let me say, "Thank you" to Insider host Kevin Frazier for taking time out for a photo. He is gracious and kind.(Updated with apologies . . . had another host on my mind when I wrote the original post).  I am a Kevin Frazier fan and was so excited . . .)

Crowds have swelled up past the 100,000 mark as Comic Con International extends itself to the local general public with outside free venues and "give aways" and also to the world with international media coverage. Walking along Bayside or along Harbor Drive, "lookey loos" without tickets to inside Comic Con workshops, book signings, and guest appearances can still enjoy outside activities and events. Outside venues include the Interactive Zone and the Assassins Creed obstacle course, there is also a ""zombie infested" Walking Dead course with photo ops! Cosplayers are now out and about all day long.

Cosplayers amateurs and competitors are having a blast in colorful and creative attire as our early cloud cover--lasting until around 9:00AM-- provides respite from the soaring heat. The Masquerade Ball with competitive costume judging occurs is on Saturday evening. Cosplayer numbers should sky rocket today.
Here are a few more snaps for my photo gallery. Can you name them?:

 Cosplayer (declared non competitor--3 years labor of love) and me Delores

 Martian Man Hunter father son duo Christopher and Christopher
as Martian Manhunter and me Delores a happy blogger-1st cosplay 2014 photo

                                                      Early Tuesday AM

                            Photo near Lemon Grove Trolley Station!!

                                                 Harbor side Bridge fun

                                  Delores Fisher super blogger and Girl Power!!!!!!!!

                    Viking defender protecting me from local paparazzi

Augh!!! I'm havin' so much fun ya'll.
Delores Fisher

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