Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reawakening in the Arts: Speakin' Out

Kenisha thanks for the Alano club for the Arts Celebration invite. I am increasingly being given such receptive venues in which to perform my most passionate works along with others who view poetry, spoken word, and performance art as more than "just entertainment."

                                                   Me (Delores Fisher) at the mic

We had a small but festive crowd and what an event. Music, food, and in addition, several venders including Warren Williams "The Walking Cane Man" with a display of his custom-carved walking sticks.
                                                        Warren Williams

                                                       Warren Williams and me

Poet and artist "The Watchful Stewart" dropped insightful, power words and knowledge on the audience. He also exhibited a playful, nurturing side that many of today's poets might want to observe, emulate.

                                  "The Watchful Stewart" at the mic

  "The Watchful Stewart" taking a picture of me as I "snap" him!

Near the end of the evening, with Warren's approval, we examined several staffs and canes to hold a word- up circle of life.  

                                            Me and Keneisha choosing  THE staff

We finally decided on one very special staff and ended the evening by passing and holding up our newly chosen "staff of truth" as each person in turn recited poems about love, loss, society, conflict, joy, sorrow, redemption and life.

                                              Me with The staff and Keniesha

Several performers decided to work with Keneisha and are planning several more arts celebration events in the next few months. Creativity is blossoming around us in youth as well as more seasoned performers. We want to provide another space in which this creative essence can grow. (More announcements about that in a few weeks)

An arts renaissance is growing and picking up momentum in San Diego's Southeast community in all genres from grassroots to nationally known artists who choose to reside in San Diego,call it home. Perhaps this movement will continue its expanding trajectory and become a movement Southeast Renaissance
of the 21st century. If so, remember you read it here first....

Peace out,
Delores Fisher

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