Monday, April 28, 2014

Phi Kappa Phi Initiation San Diego State University

On April 24th at 3PM, the Phi Kappa Phi San Diego State University chapter #96 (chapter of Excellence) held its student induction ceremonies in the new Conrad Preby's Aztec Student Union Montezuma Hall. Before the initiation, our Executive Board members reminisced about the life and contributions of recently deceased Dr. Henry L. Janssen, a scholar-gentleman who loved learning and nurtured the ethical scholarly maturation process in students. In his honor, we embraced our past and welcomed this year's inductees with a look to the future.

                                                            Montezuma Hall

                                                       Montezuma Hall

Phi Kappa Phi, the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective all-disciplinary honor society, is an honor society whose scholar members are also in community, connecting and interacting with people. Down through the years( to borrow a phrase from African American southern elders), I have been blessed with mentors who modeled, and those still living who continue to model, the importance of engaging in service oriented lives: my mother, my father, Rev. S. L. Hargrove, School teacher Mary Crosby Chapelle, Dr. Charles Cutter, Dr. E. N. Genovese, Dr. Lewis Peterman, Dr Shirley Weber, and Dr. Charles Toombs, Dr. Edith Benkov, Dr. JoAnne Cornwell to name a few. I am blessed to be part of a scholarly organization that embraces service. 

Board President Dr. Kathy LaMaster continues to guide the chapter in its maintenance of "Chapter of Excellence" status. She and her team of chapter secretary Rashmi C. Praba and treasurer Jill Tavolazzi and student vice-presidents work all year to co-ordinate various meetings and events.
                                     Dr. Kathy LaMaster SDSU PKP President

A Few Highlights:

Dr. Geoffrey Chase served as the 2014 Master of Ceremonies. PKP also inducts honorary faculty and staff members. This years honorary inductees: Alumni honoree, Andrew Esparza, Staff honoree Erin Morey, Administrator honoree Dr. Stephen Schellenberg and Faculty honoree Dr. Steven Barbone.

 Faculty honoree Dr. Steven Barbone and PKP Executive Board member Delores Fisher MA

Dr. Peter Larlham received a special PKP award for his continued literacy work in Tanzania.
 PKP Executive Board members Delores Fisher MA and Dr. Peter Larlham

The ceremony ended with the PKP charge to inductees spoken first in Greek, then translated to English. For many years traditionally led by Dr. E. N. Genovese, now intoned by  Dr. Mark Wheeler, the English translation is "Let the love of learning rule humanity."

Executive Board Member Delores FIsher(MA), Dr. Mark Wheeler, Dr. Peter Larlham

2014 San Diego State University Phi Kappa Phi Chapter # 96(Chapter of Excellence)
 inductees . . . .welcome.

Delores Fisher

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