Monday, November 18, 2013

Clarence Cuthbertson "Faith Journey" San Diego Premiere

At times, when I sit and reflect, I am humbled by the many talented people with whom I have had the honor to work. Award winning playwright, director, educator Clarence Cuthbertson is one such talent. He has had plays premiered all over the nation. He taught at Yale. He often has shows running in San Francisco. In demand as an artist lecturer, Cuthbertson continues to conduct play writing workshops in San Diego. One day in late summer, he asked if I would like a role in an adaptation of his play"Faith Journey." He wanted me to play the role of Mother Genny, a cantankerous older churchgoer with a sassy streak. When he offered an additional opportunity to write an original song for my character, I immediately said yes!

                                            Delores Fisher as Mother Genny

Having read info and reviews about the play when it premiered in New York, I was excited and honored to do the role. One review was in the New York Times.
Earlier in our growing artistic friendship, Cuthberston described his vision of adding to San Diego's growing African American theater scene. He has since had San Diego premieres of two of his most controversial plays "Tituba" and "Nat" here with professional actors. For this version of "Faith Journey" he used amateurs and professionals some of whom are East Village Community Church music department members. We opened to a full house and had fun performing a labor of love under the direction of Cuthebertson.

                                     Playwright Director-Clarence Cuthbertson

                          Singer/actress Shea Coleman(Blackberi) as Mrs. Thomas

                                Local actor/model Orlando Franklin                    

                     Vocalist/model Alexis as Melissa and Me: Mother Genny! 

Director/Playwright Clarence Cuthberson during dress rehearsal

                                      The entire ensemble and stage crew

Inside buzz . . . . . . . . Premiere announcement:  Cuthberson's has completed a new set of seasonal plays to be performed here in San Diego over the Christmas holidays. (More about play dates in a few weeks). Also, Southeast San Diego's CAT theater is apparently NOT doing its seasonal "Messiah" production. Clarence Cuthbertson's holiday will provide a festive alternative for those who enjoy holiday entertainment.

Delores Fisher,
Enjoying the spotlight----Center stage

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