Wednesday, October 9, 2013

East Village Community Church Jubilee Concert 2013

East Village Community Church's Mass Choir presented a joyous Jubilee Concert celebration of song. Several soloists included dynamic vocalists who talk the talk and walk the walk of their faith: Praise and Worship Leader Esther Downing, and EVCC Choir Director Beverly Thomas.  The inspirational local group Cross Town Trio (soloist Carl Hebert, with ensemble members Carlos and Stephanie) also filled the church with heart felt song. Although the crowd was sparse, it was warm and responsive.

Co-choir director, African American music specialist, and instrumentalist (trombone)/ composer Norman
McWilliams  led the choir as director Beverly Thomas sang crowd favorite "My Soul IS Anchored In the Lord." Esther Downing sang "Moving Forward" which is the choirs motto as they strive for spiritual growth and musical excellence. After only a few weeks rest, they will begin preparing for their annual Christmas Cantata in December.

Norman McWilliams

Martin Luther King Choir(San Diego) also led the EVCC Men's Chorus in a rousing number that left the crowd asking for more.

Carl Hebert in concert with Martin Luther King Choir (San Diego)

Russian born concert pianist Ekatrina Petrosyan (Katherine Dvoskin, wife of virtuoso violinist Mikhail Dvoskin ) accompanied EVCC choir and soloists throughout the entire concert changing styles ranging from traditional to contemporary gospel. While visiting the family here in the U.S., Ekatrina's mother, Tatiana, a renown cellist, played a Dvorak solo accompanied by Ekatrina for special music one Sunday morning. Congregation member gave her a standing ovation. Tatiana plays from the heart. It was a very emotionally moving musical moment. Musical talent runs deep in their family. Ekatrina's father is a music director at an opera house in Russia. Her musicality and versatility ranges from Classical to Gospel and her musicianship is a valuable asset to the church's music staff.

 Katherine Petrosyan
 Katrina Petrosyan

Accompanied by my live performance percussionist Frank, I presented an original performance work, "In the Year of Her Jubilee" written specifically for the event.

  Delores Fisher poet, educator

Pastor and Rev. Hubbard beamed with appreciation and Pastor Hubbard ended  the program with spiritually uplifting words about praise and worship of Jesus Christ, Lord and savior. The 5th annual Jubilee Concert was a musical feast, an inspiration for all who attended.

Delores Fisher
Singing as I write . . . .

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