Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rabindra Sarkar "India's Rock Whisperer"

      Rabinar Sarkar and me (Delores Fisher) on New Year's Day

We met at a small downtown mini-mart of all places when I was making a quick junk food run. Tourists' know, and many of us transplanted "locals" enjoy, look forward, to experiencing downtown San Diego convenience stores' quirky urban ambiance--never know who you'll meet on a Friday night. One winter evening, a small brown face smiled at me when I walked in. He continued talking warmly and didn't mind my stopping.  I was drawn into a conversation in progress. Always looking for interesting artists, I listened quietly.

He was describing his life's philosophy, some of his accomplishments, and his work with rocks at Sea Port Village. "Ohhhhh, you're the one who stacks those rocks!" I said, finally comprehending. He smiled gently, shyly as the store's owner spoke about interviews and articles. "Rabi" as he asked me to call him and I talked for several minutes. He spoke softly. We stood near a cash register by the front door sharing a fairly warm San Diego winter's evening breeze.

"Can you take a picture of us?" I asked the shop keep. The store owner did, but never forwarded them to me, even though I showed him Notesong's blog page on his IPhone. Ah well . . . .I figured, let it go.

New Year's Day, while on an Embarcadero stroll on up to Seaport Village, I was trying to think of how to do interviews for this year to put in Notesong. I decided that the footage would be raw and basically unedited, like live TV back in the fifties. I was deep in thought about who would allow such an interview and there he was right in front of me with a crowd of people surrounding him, Rabinar Sarkar himself!  He remembered our conversation in the store and granted this raw, unedited experimental interview for Notesong. 

Rabi's rock towers can be seen in Seaport Village during the week when he appears there to inspire people to tune into and appreciate nature's harbor side resonance.

An interview with an artist of harmony,
Delores Fisher

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