Sunday, June 23, 2013

BSSO End of the Year Banquet and Hope for Haiti

This year's Hope for Haiti campaign sponsored by students of the Black Student Science Organization (B.S.S.O.) at San Diego State University did not raise as much money this year as it did last year. As of May, however, it did raise over 500 dollars and will continue to accept donations from charitable givers who realize that the hard work does continue in order to rebuild lives and spiritual strength as well as restoring the material/physical devastation from the earthquake. B.S.S.O. students and various mentors will sustain their efforts to provide support to help relieve Haiti's ongoing burden.The Hope for Haiti 2013 event itself was more information driven, with only a few performers. One of my Africana Studies Department professor-mentors, Dr. Adisa Akebullan a Haiti history expert was one of the guest speakers.  I was honored to perform as a San Diego area poet. I wrote about the event last year. This year, I offer a few comments on the banquet:

The 2013 appreciation banquet to thank participants, was very emotional.  Several members are graduating. Newly installed officers know they have large leadership footsteps to fill. This year, B.S.S.O. humbly received the Aztec Award for Outstanding Student Organization. At the first photo opportunity, I asked to pose with then president Harmony Saunders and the group's "dynamic duo" mentors Dr. Estralita Martin and Mr. Martin.
 (Thank you for granting my wish!!!!)

                                   Mr. Martin, Harmony Saunders, Delores Fisher(me) and Dr. Estralita Martin

This year, Dr. Kristian L. Brown who is not only one of the San Diego State Black Student Science Organization founders, but also a previous president, was awarded the San Diego State Monty Award presented to distinguished alumni and friend's of the university. Quoting from the event program, "Kristian L. Brown('00 Biology), M.D., Ph.D, is a surgeon at Detroit Medical Center and an adjunct assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Wayne State University College of Engineering." Many B.S.S.O. students, who also intend to conduct research and teach, will either pursue research projects or participate in internships around the country this summer. Preston Ite, a student paleontologist is one of those in B.S.S.O. in a summer internship program.

                                                Preston Ite, Delores Fisher
Many of the organization credit their academic success to a very modest and hardworking Dr. Estralita Martin. I know she and Mr. Martin prefer not to receive a lot of accolades for their endeavors, but perhaps they will excuse my global Notesong Shout Out for continued work well done in support of students who passionately pursue dreams and goals to contribute to the ever changing world of science.

A time of appreciation,
Delores Fisher

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