Thursday, April 11, 2013

First Spoken Word CD Rehearsal

It's been an interesting adventure, putting together a CD that includes several artists whose work I've not only come to admire but to also truly respect. I am grateful for their inspiration and encouragement.

 Anthony Schmitt and me (Delores) hangin' out

Percussionist, music instructor, and friend Anthony Schmitt has been an absolute pillar of patience quietly  assisting with technical support and ideas. Among his credits, he's the drummer on Genus of Soul's 2010 CD "A Project For the New American Century
This is one of Tony's soundscapes for my upcoming CD. I like it . . . . but couldn't decide which poem to speak.

                                            999 Inter-stellar Ghosts

Tenor Alexis Alfaro will be singing one of my reworked theater songs "And Yet: Song For Silent Sisters" lyrics on .

A collaborative poem with local and internationally known bilingual poet/editor Olga Garcia is in discussion. We performed onstage for several years in the San Diego area in women's poetry collective 4nth (members: Kathryn Rice Simmons (now deceased),  Rev. Kelli Parish-Lucas, Megan Webster, and Olga Garcia) a decade ago. My quiet hope is to re-unite the group in a performance poem--that to is in negotiation.

As for other artists who are already on board, besides technical advice, Anthony Schmitt is also composing some really intensely creative sonic-scapes as backgrounds to several poems.

My ongoing interaction with guitarist Ken Card is also producing some exciting pieces.

Here's a preview rehersal with Ken Card titled: "Please Go Away"

A most humbling experience, going through this process of picking collaborators, editing my poems, recording, refining the final product .  . . . reflecting on what to include and what to save for the next CD. Most humbling indeed.

Just wanting to share with you,  
Delores Fisher

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