Tuesday, November 20, 2012

World Circuit Music Records UK

Here's a quick post sun blast shout out. (Welcome to new African readers in Congo(DRC) and to new readers in India.

           Delores Fisher Center for World Music 
                  Artist/Teacher in Residence
Looking for world music? Try the Sound Cloud from World Music Records UK for a variety of samples that will entice you to want to explore more of this sound. Our globe seems to be increasing our communication links with inter-continental sharing of everyday common events, political happenings, disasters, and celebrations. I've been exploring this site. So far, I like what I hear. The Sound Cloud UK offers over 60 samples for listeners.

Haven't heard of it? the link is http://soundcloud.com/world-circuit-records It's a refreshing option offering some of the world established greats---and rising stars. One of my favorite great, established World music artists (has been for years) is Ali Farka Touré. For those who don't speak French, the following video it has English subtitles.

Appreciation for World Music is continues to grow. The sounds of other cultures have impacted American popular music for many decades(think Scott Joplin's "Mexican Serenade","Ricky Ricardo's "Babaloo," use of the sitar 1970s music, Sitar Our music has also influenced the world-- funk jamming cross pollination sounds from us in World Music: "Soul Makossa" by Manu Dibango to the present cross pollination beats of X Plastaz (Swahili rap) to name a scant few.

Perhaps you can't attend a global live concert, or see some of our staff performers on stage representin'
for the local/national World Music regional scene from the Center For World Music

Click onto the Sound Cloud link in paragraph two.Try out this world popular music with a traditional edge site. World Circuit Music UK website got it goin' on!!!!!
Delores Fisher 

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