Saturday, November 3, 2012

San Diego's New Ruocco Waterfront Park

        Delores Fisher at Ruocco Park near the Tuna Fisher's Wharf

It's a beautiful Friday San Diego Autumnal morning. Newly completed Ruocco Park hosts joggers, conventioneers, business professionals on an early morning walk, fishermen, and a scattering of homeless who have weathered a rather cool night and now sit in the warmth of mid-morning.

I have intended to write about this park for weeks now. Each encounter with it makes me appreciate San Diego as my adopted home. This morning, I am especially enjoying our newly renovated park area in as our fall season brings chilly weather reminiscent of years spent in another region of our nation.

Deciding to do a short video blog, I begin to tape a segment. I settle for pictures after about twenty unsuccessful attempts at footage. This particular morning, I begin to wonder,"Is permission or a permit to film needed---even for an Internet blog?" Readership is growing; I have readers on five continents excluding Australia and Antartica but, with a new audience in Africa: Ghana, Uganda and in South America: Brazil (Welcome!). Does the size of a blog's readership determine need for permission? What about first Amendment Rights? Performing for the San Diego Downtown Central Library's Constitutional Celebration has added a deeper appreciation of our rights .

Looking around, I spot what looks like a small group of San Diego Port employees, pack up the computer and walk over to them. The three gentlemen greet me with courtesy and warmth. I decide to ask about videoing the renovated waterfront park. I want to return and do a longer video than today's quick minute of commentary. They recommend visiting the Port of San Diego website marketing/media link. As we continue to talk, I learn that this project was actually a collaborative effort with an eye toward preserving the people friendly aesthetic of the area .

They listen as I express my initial concern from last year when I saw the beginnings of breaking ground for this project. A transplanted a New Yorker, I appreciate historical flavor and wondered if the project would destroy the rustic harborside ambiance. It doesn't. The park is beautifully peaceful and unintrusive with bio ambient benches and family picnic areas. Ruocco Park, North of our Seaport Village shopping center, augments the surrounding harbor area and blends seamlessly into Village landscaping.

        Delores Fisher at Ruocco Park, North of Seaport Village

Additional port renovations scheduled for completion by 2013, taking place at the foot of Broadway, will merge into our downtown business center. Whether a local needing to enjoy a serene waterside non-beach experience, a tourist visiting family and or friends, or a conventioneer wanting a break from meetings and seminars, strolling through or sitting to enjoy this extension of our waterfront area is a must see, must experience of our Embarcadero harborside.

Autumn strolling,
Delores Fisher

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