Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Notes of Life: A Saga

                                                    Photo by Niles Webster

Thinking planting seeds and nurturing one's career . . . . . sometimes a few weeds grow until harvest.
Many of you from around the world have been following me for a while now and you know that I try to keep as much information available as I can at the time of my initial post/announcement. Well, it is difficult for me to say, however, I must apologize to you all for my over-exuberance about the seeming possibilities that began opening for me this summer in the small private sector of the music world. Many of you readers who are in the field experience this fact daily.

Due to no student (yes read zero) enrollment (I asked for notification if that number changed for the site---no one updated me, so I guess it remained at "0") and a changed opening date at the Trinity Lutheran church site, lack of organized publicity by others who were supposed to arrange it,  I did not work for the Southeast San Diego Conservatory of music despite my excited publicity. Perhaps the community had too many other music academy options that we did not explore? It's a pity, because pastor Henderson at the Trinity site is a really good, God fearing man who wants to see the arts thrive as a positive expression of creativity in the area .

I also was not employed at the St. Stephens site. In addition, due to mixed communications, an oversight on premiere date and a sudden viral infection, I did not participate in the Triple J Jazz Jam opening night. Then, I received the call that friend, mentor and Southeast San Diego music icon Charles Ray Warren had died at the end of July.(Still too hard to really write an essay  about my love for the man). It has been a difficult summer . . . . . It would have been devastating had an opportunity to substitute for a choir pianist going on maternity leave had not opened up at the last minute.

I will however remain as an artist/teacher for the Center of World Music.

If you would like to book an event, please use this site for contact:

Here is an overview video with a few of the Center's 2011 rograms
Center for World Music Schools Program 2011

It is an honor to continue as one of the artist/faculty on the roster into the upcoming 2012-2013 school year.

Hopefully, this year through next summer will be filled with offers for a tenured university position, a TV show, concert tours, interviews, a new CD, finishing my book of poetry, finding a publisher for my book on the complexities of being an older, disabled female graduate student, and of course, winning the six million dollar lotto   . . . . . at least I will continue dreaming.

Notes from a summer intermezzo,
Delores Fisher

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