Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Black Sea Nettle Jellyfish At The Embarcadero???

As many of you know who have been following Carpenoctum2/Notesong since its beginning, strolling on a warm summer morning, praying, meditating, stopping to write poetry or share an early morning conversation with itinerant musicians during time away from teaching is a favorite activity.(See Strolling pages). Last Friday, post Comic-Con 2012, while walking on a cooler overcast morning, I spotted what appeared to be a big purplish blob near the docks by Seaport Village. I looked closer. It was a dark purple jellyfish.

Convention goers and I shared a moment of amazement. Many snapped photos. But, we all thought it was an anomaly. On Monday morning, July 30th, dozens of this same species were floating near the Midway Museum. I went back yesterday, Tuesday, comment on the phenomenon and to take a few photos of my own.
              Live from San Diego Embarcadero Tuesday July 31, 2012

 Near Old Broadway Pier July 31, 2012

Near New pier area July 31,2012

I did some Internet research and  found several articles including a July 2010 article from the North County times in which Dr. Nigella Hillgarth of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography stated, "the Birch Aquarium has four of the jellies for display . . . the black sea nettle has turned up in coastal waters more frequently in recent years. Oceanographers don't know why, but guess that it could be due to warmer oceans or changes in the plankton populations that they eat."

Despite the fact that they are beautiful sea life, these Black Sea Nettles are far from their usual habitat. They appeared to be floating towards the Point Loma area. Perhaps this is becoming a new cyclical migration? Will San Diego become their new habitat. What other sea life are changing their patterns? One has to wonder about ocean temperature fluctuations and longitudinal ecological impact.

PS. On my early morning August 6th stroll, I saw no Black Sea Nettles-wonder if they were "harvested" or if they had migrated further up the coast . . .

Notesong strolling in San Diego CA,
Delores Fisher

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