Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Southeast San Diego Conservatory Summer Camp

Delores Fisher MA  Lecturer/Pianist
Summer is an interesting time for teachers.  We usually have more time for friends, family, and personal research projects. We keep writing or start to complete those books that have gone ignored during the school year. With today's educational crises, we frequently talk amongst ourselves and privately reflect on why we choose to teach, or for many of us, why/how the teaching profession chose us and continues to reach into our innermost being to illuminate us with a unique joy. Starting with life lessons lovingly provided by my father and mother, teachers of diverse existences resonate throughout my life.


Yes, as in any profession, some educators in the weakness of their humanity, have not upheld the public trust, have transferred their focus to the private sector, or grown tired and retired early. Others in the agape strength of their humanity decry demonization onslaughts despite bitterly fading hope and faith that their efforts to inspire a love of learning are respected or appreciated. Many whose classrooms are in under served areas quietly extend their work hours as they voluntarily refurbish battered educational watchtowers, guarding against socio-cultural complacency, or discouragement.  And there are those of us whose on site working summers are also spent in conferences and workshops to keep informed about current educational research and praxis for today's twenty first century's techno-student. Learning is an ongoing process with multi-planar applications. Summer 2012 brings breezes of choice--different paths.

Although I look forward to my fall and spring semester teaching experiences as an African American music specialist artist-in-residence in San Diego area schools for the Center For World Music http://www.centerforworldmusic.org/schools/000.html for me, summer 2012 will be a different type of working summer. I am one of several new faculty chosen to teach summer camp classes for the Southeast San Diego Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts. A humble thanks to Greg McKinney, the conservatory's director; Southeast San Diego Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts is respected and growing in its sphere of musical influence as an institution that provides students with necessary tools to become well rounded artists http://www.sdmusiccamp.com/the-faculty.html

Greg is a teacher/composer, with many credits to his name:http://www.myspace.com/kingdomplayers

 Interview with Rev. Greg McKinney Director Of the Southeast San Diego Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts

He will oversee the summer camp for younger students at the St. Stephen's Sight. To register:

Carolyn J. Anderson, noted pianist/composer, is the director at the Trinity Lutheran Church site where we will teach older students weekly seminar/workshop module courses: Rudiments of Music, Aural Skills, and Music Appreciation starting Wednesday, June 20th, 9:00 to Friday August 17th in the mornings.  After lunch, the afternoons will focus on vocal/instrumental sectional work and ensemble playing http://www.tlcsd.org/events.html .    A collaborative end of summer camp performance is planned.

                                                       Carolyn J. Anderson
(To  Register-----You may also contact directly or come to the Trinity Lutheran Church)
Phone: 619-262-1089
Fax: 619-262-8971
7210 Lisbon Street
San Diego, CA. 92114

Carolyn J. Anderson and I will also teach weekly seminar/workshop module courses: Rudiments of Music, Aural Skills, Music Appreciation History, Choral Instruction, Avant Garde musical performance, and selected topics in Contemporary Musical Thought for interested adults starting in the fall (CLASS SITE TO BE DETERMINED) Stay Tuned for more INFO!!!!!!!!!

My journey of unfolding "becomings" as an educator continues; I am reminded of comments made by one my Africana Studies Department (SDSU) mentors, chair emeritus Dr. Shirley Weber a few weeks ago before she won the San Diego 79th Assembly District June 5th primary election.

"You know, we just do. We are busy working and really don't have time to sit around and pat ourselves on the back. We see a need and start finding ways to help."

The work continues . . . .
Delores Fisher

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