Friday, May 4, 2012

Department of Africana Studies 40th Anniversary at San Diego State University!

It is our fortieth year here at San Diego State University;  one of the nation's oldest Africana Studies programs, we humbly yet proudly celebrate our elder's achievements and our furture scholar's ongoing educational endeavors while nurturing our current faculty's global, campus, and community contributions.

Greatness surrounds me everyday; our current faculty listings draws not only local and national student-populations, but also student -scholars from around the world
Alumni guest lectures feature students whose scholarly achievements are in just begining.We also present lectures from seasoned internationally recognized researchers and have hosted guest faculty scholars from nations such as China as well. For faculty, staff, students, and community members, our Study Abroad program provides an opportunity for first hand experiences with cultures in several African countries.
(For example, South Africa experience).

Thank you to the entire faculty and staff, including those who have retired and are in the process of retiring for years of educational and personal mentorship and counsel. I am very much indebted to Dr. Eddie Meadows whose music scholarship in the field of Africana Studies and traditional music reaearch passed on the torch to maintain interest in Medieval music socio-historical culture and to pursue research in African American Music History in the context of American History .

Our department chair Dr. Shirley Weber continues to participate in both academe and the political arena. Her writings are now accompanied by her contributions to San Diego's oral history archives . And yes, let me confirm, for those who have only heard echoes of her present activity,  she is currently running for the California State Assembly: .

It is humbling to encounter such a living noted historical personality. As Dr. Weber said the other day. "You know, we just do. We are busy working and really don't have time to sit around and pat ourselves on the back. We see a need and start finding ways to help." Her words are actually one of our faculty maxims as we celebrate and embrace our fortieth year of building community for all people, in productive relationship.

Happy 40th Africana Studies Dept. SDSU!!!! and many more to unfold . . . .
Delores Fisher

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