Tuesday, April 24, 2012

R.O.C.RACE 5K 2012 Returns to San Diego

It's just fun and sun!
May 19th and 20th is RidiculousOstacleChallenge (R.O.C.) frolic time at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, http://www.rocrace.com/  .   And according to the promo flier given to me by a couple of enthusiastic PR folks, two new "insanely epic obstacles will be added this year." All of you potential global ROCSTARS  will enjoy personal challenge and a little bit of realtime social group competition. The event is for a worthy cause, benefitting the Challenged Athelete Foundation: http://www.challengedathletes.org/site/c.4nJHJQPqEiKUE/b.6449023/k.BD6D/Home.htm

I got an advance hook up announcement a few weeks ago from one of my prime entertainment sources that sponsors the event, Sleepingiant music.http://giantsarise.com/ . Just a few days later, had an informal meet/greet at a PR both while doing an out and about. We chatted for a few....

Me: Hey, you all are back!

Promo: Yea.

 Me: I posted your announcement on my blog last year and the page has been active ever since. Global too. I should probably post it on the home site instead of side pages.

Promo And it'll  be even bigger and more fun.

Me: Really?

Promo: Yea . . . we expect over 10,000 people this year from around the world.

Me: Most people know the good work that you do for the Challenged Athletes Foundation, right?

Promo: We hope so. It's a positive, fun way to express community!

Me: Cool! (I look closer at the flier) Check out this entertainment; looks like you got TALENT lined up to roc the stage too.

Promo: Oh yea.

R.O.C. RACE 5k 2012: Let the Games begin ya'll!
Delores Fisher

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