Tuesday, March 20, 2012

San Diego Young Artist Music Academy: 15 Year Anniversary

It is an honor to update the CarpeNoctum2 global community on the activities of a philanthropic organization that continues to help community youth and families in San Diego. Dad Hill (yes, I get to call him that) and the staff of San Diego Young Artist Music Academy(SDYAMA)  is on a mission to provide quality, extensive musical education in the arts at relatively little parental expense. Personal expenditures, donations and grants keep this worthy organization going.  http://www.mada-choir.org/programs/music

A few days ago, I watched dad Hill present SDYAMA and its programs to a discussion chaired by District 7 Council member Marti Emerald http://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd7/staff/emerald.shtml during a City Council meeting on the arts. Dad Hill is articulate, an advocate for the arts dedicated to bringing hope into young people's lives. He and his family are spiritually inspiring.We can thank those like them who personally sacrifice to keep arts education alive as school funding for these programs dwindle to almost non-supportive status.

This is SDYAMA's fifteenth year anniversary!!!!! Two upcoming fundraising events to continue their children/youth programs will feature students in performance. San Diego . . . if you can't attend, make a donation.

1. Musical Showcase on March 31, 2012

2. 15 Year Anniversary Program

Hope to see you there!!
Delores Fisher (with a shout out to our new readers in Egypt, Portugal, and Italy)

PS UPDATE: The March concert was highly successful! However, the April 21st concert was cancelled and postponed until sometime in September. Recent new choir members needed more time to rehearse.
Parents, thank you for your support  . . . THE CHOIR IS GROWING!!!!!

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