Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hope For Haiti: A Benefit Review

Last week was a busy week for many of us here in San Diego. One of my favorite events, San Diego's Mardi Gras seemed to prance quickly by. Since I was preparing for the Haiti benefit, several other upcoming appearances/events, and teaching, the week was a memory blur, except for a few very noteworthy experiences.

Thank you to San Diego State's BSSO(Black Student Science Organization) for inviting me to perform; last Wednesday was an inspirational and informative evening of fund raising for Haitians still suffering from the aftermath of earthquake destruction. The organiztion drew a diverse selection of gifted artists and a future statesman--Paolo Paolini. Although only an elementary schooler, Paolini gave a rivoting, mature, motivational speech that highlighted reasons to remember Haitian humanity and to assist those still in crisis---despite lack of current media coverage. A special guest appearance at the start of the show from writer/poet Vogue Robinson   http://www.linkedin.com/pub/vogue-robinson/3b/652/148  sparked the stage with positive energy.

Rich Pickett, whose philanthropy in collaboration with others has continued to call attention to current Haitian rebuilding efforts, also spoke about the existing needs with which he has personal experience. http://universe.sdsu.edu/sdsuniverse/news.aspx?s=72057

Witnessing genuine ongoing student concern for such a worthy cause provides inspiration for those of us in the arts who create as a means to reveal our global village human commonality. Hope for Haiti  raised over two hundred dollars this year and still counting. Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Michelle Morales Polynesian Dancer 
Photo by Dustin Michelson
Rich Pickett: Photo by Dustin Michelson
Felander: Photo by Dustin Michelson
TJ Poet:  Photo byDustin Michelson
Junk Yard Crew: Photo by Dustin Michelson
                                                  Delores Fisher, poet, lecturer  
                                                    Photo by Dustin Michelson

                                   Performers, Rich Pickett, and BSSO Members
                                          Photo by Dustin Michelson

For our humanity,
delores fisher

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