Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Farrell and Sandra Foreman: Founders of Bear Arts Foundation at SDSU

It was a busy evening on the San Diego State campus with several events providing opportunities for student social networking, lovers of Opera, listeners to theater monologues, and those who wanted to interact with  Farrell and Sandra Foreman.  These two community minded artist/educators created the Bear Arts Foundation.I met them a couple of years ago when I was a panel member on a discussion during their theater arts event: Colorfest. http://www.examiner.com/community-theatre-in-san-diego/colorfest-2010-highlights-minority-artists
The busy couple graciously dedicated time out of their schedules to participate in one of the Africana Studies Department's Black History month celebration events: Meet The Founders. The department is also celebrating its 40th Year Anniversary this year and will have its official anniversary kick-off event:

 Date: Friday, February 24, 2012
Program: Afriana Studies 40th Anniversary Kick Off Reception
Location: Extended Studies Building Room 2509
Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm
Guest speaker: Dr. Nathan Hare, the first coordinator of a Black Studies program

Last Friday evening's small group who attended the Foreman's lecture/presentation was comprised of students from both City College and San Diego State, as well as Randy Reinholz, Director of the School of Theatre, Television, and Film, SDSU.     http://theatre.sdsu.edu/html/facstaffbios/rreinholz.htm

The Foremans wrapped us in information filled stories from their past as writers, actors and researchers. The talk also included a frank assessment of  how people of color exist and express creativity from the security of a somewhat more financially viable 1980s to present struggles for project funding in our continuing economic shortfall. A gentle yet pensive  look at "passing on the tourch" gave us a glimpse into the hearts of those who have nurtured culturally rich, deeply rooted community legacies to impart to another generation of conscious educators, play wrights and actors.

Farrell Foreman, a recipient of NEA awards for play writing, is presently a professor at City College. Both he and his wife enveloped us with a warmth that illuminated hidden aspects of the theater world known primarily to insiders. Their comfortable dialogue made it easy for students to ask questions throughout their presentation.

 Randy Reinholz, Sandra Foreman, Farrell Foreman,
City College Students         (Photo by Preston Ite, SDSU)

 Sandra and Farrell Foreman, me -Delores Fisher
Randy Reinholz, and City College Students
(Photo by Preston Ite, SDSU)

 Sandra and Farrell Foreman, me -Delores Fisher
Preston Ite, and City College Students  (Photo by Randy Reinholz)

Randy Reinholz, Sandra and Farrell Foreman, me -Delores                     (Photo by Preston Ite, SDSU)

And it's a wrap!
Delores Fisher

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