Friday, January 20, 2012

S D Theater Scene.Com Folding?????

The smaller theaters in San Diego's live theater scene have often limped along for several reasons including insufficient funds, local actors in copetition with traveling shows with glitz, and big name draws, politically motivated mega funding of special productions in large houses. Our large house have also suffered in this current recession; overhead dwarfs a dwindling live theater going public's enthusiasm as ticket prices rise. We seem to vigoruos two-step every few years, but considering San Diego theater over the last thirty years, I've sometimes felt like a frustrated parent watching a child who just can't seem to step more than a few feet. Critics and writers who love live stage performance excitement and joyfully cover the scene have also faced difficulties sustaining their pursuit throughout the years. The writing life is not especially easy or lucrative. (Yea, I know, it only takes one big book deal . . .)

One of the most enjoyable and informative online sources of thesbian information seems to be hanging up its mouse and closing its apps: the San Diego Theater . It provides audition info, a message board, recommends upcoming openings, profiles of who's who on the San Diego theater scene, and an employment link  This dynamic site has been struggling for a while and is folding after an unsucessful fund drive.

Charlene Baldridge, a contributing feature writer, is a member of San Diego Theatre Critics Circle.  Her articles  for the San Diego Theater Scene are a pleasure to read. She does the leg work. She knows her people, places, productions. 

A little added warmth from some of our Carpe Noctum2 readers would be appreciated. Check out the site. Make a contribution. It may provide just enough to help keep valuable information accessible to actors, aspiring actors, teachers, students---and theater goers who not only enjoy the theater, but who also like to read about it.

Backstage before the curtain falls,
Delores Fisher

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