Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christopher Hanson

Bay walking . . . Summer Break San Diego Bay early morning walks always rejuvenate. Bayside near the Embarcadero embraces gentle flow early morning clouds, screeching sea gulls swirling, fish scented seaside breezes, sweaty joggers and wharf fishermen. On a few occasions, guitar chords and voices serenade. One morning during the summer, a saxophone echoed its plaintive wail into the harbor gray silk sky. I followed the sorrow song to its source. A slender man with sandy hair and weary eyes held his axe against the wind. When he finished, we began to talk. His name is Christopher.

One is reminded of the Joni Mitchell song "Playin' Real Good For Free."

Chris has played clubs the world over, taught music theory at a university,and sat in with quite a few famous bands. In today's music circles, many still remember him. Now his sonic gifts create an outdoor club gig, signifying to the sky, donations accepted. And many oblige, thanking him for his sounds. Sitting on the Bayside Park rough bench, Chris reminisces with me. He plays a few of my favorites and for "wishful thinking" breaks into "Sunny" as the clouds dissipate a few minutes to let the sun's warmth spotlight our sonic sharing. I thank him for these moments. His chops are very apparent.

Today it is October. This morning in Bayside Park, his reed is just not cooperating. The angry sky grows increasingly dark gray with clouds that look like plump pillows. Wind kicks light showers onto early morning joggers, bikers, walkers. Moments before clouds burst long overdue thick raindrops onto San Diego's urban symphony of lives in motion, despite obstacles, Chris allows me to video record him.

Still, he was playin' real good . . .
Delores Fisher

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