Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Few Thoughts About 911

As we approach the ten year memorial of 911, Americans and fellow global neighbors remember extinguished lives of individuals who died in that day's crashes and from the toxic atmosphere after the towers' collapse.  These lives represent a cross section of humanity.

Statistics listing aspects of the death toll continue to change according to most websites authors, due to newer identification technologies. Based on a majority of information sources  however, the total today remains above  2, 5oo lives lost, with the U.S. accounting for a majority of casualties. This number reflects innocent bystanders, direct impact victims, perpetrators, and last but not least, the heroes. 

One can become overwhelmed with the number of various "information" sources, types of data, and media spin when searching WWW sites and pages; however, a worth while site listed below offers names, DOB, photos, and additional information that puts a humane face on raw data. It is a CNN information site:                               

Admittedly, a couple of minutes into viewing this site, tears began to flow uncontrollably. 

 As with most intense memories of  devastation events surrounded by pain, sorrow and confusion, in which loss occurs on a scale too big to measure, consider this cautionary note: one's will to remember can expose raw emotion that has not yet healed. 

 We seem to be in a pre-presidential election toxic frenzy lately, a miasma of partisan negativity. In this time of political upheaval and warfare, may we be at peace with each other on Sunday 9/11/11. It will be a difficult time of national reflection.

Dona Nobis Pacem,
Delores Fisher  

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