Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adams Avenue Roots Festival Part 1

Pick up yo' feet and clap them hands 'cause the music is live from the people of our global village!

The 38th annual music of the people event was one of the most enjoyable I've attended this year. From a block away, music greeted us and invited us in. Walking up from 30th Street to the festival,we spotted a small group of young men playing acoustic instruments.

Jamming under a tree shaded  respite from the overhead sun  (sunny AND hot that Saturday), Ugly Boogie played an ear grabbing set. Brady on banjo, Daniel on guitar and Sam on washboard played an Appalachian sounding spiritual full of fine banjo finger pickin, guitar chordal accompaniment and washboard scappin' syncopation backing up the call and response interplay between Brady and the rest of the band.

Yep, on a roots day---they just wanted to get out and share some original tunes based on old fashioned song aesthetics. Any group that captivates my attention and gets me toe tapping is worthy of an impromptu mini-interview. And the guys graciously consented!

Q: Brady where, how did you learn to play the banjo?

A: From the jamming with others, The Internet, and watching/listening at festivals like this one.

Q: The Internet" Really?"

A: Yep, lots of additional information

Q: Is this the whole group?

A. Nope there are actually more, an  accordion, clarinet, mandolin, and wash tub/ bass guitar player

Q: Where can I find out more about you guys"

A: http://www.reverbnation.com/uglyboogie   (You can also find them on facebook)

Q: Why "Ugly Boogie?"

A: "Cause some of our songs are boogie songs, some are pretty and some are kinda . . .ugly."

( We all laugh!! Kinda like life at times....)

Leaving them to start another set,  I wandered, saw old friends, stopped off at a few stages. Tom Cat Courtney was playin' later that weekend as were several other local and visiting favorites.
But . . .more about  that later.

Delores Fisher

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