Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Celebrating Jihmye Collins

Poets, prose writers, playwrights, musicians, educators, administrators, activists, painters, choreographers, dancers, journalists, photographers and friends gathered together at the City Heights Performance Annex on Saturday March 26 at 7:00pm to celebrate Jihmye's life in community. We, his extended family joined with his immediate family to note that a beautiful bright light will be missed on the too darkly lit terrain of our twenty first century culture sensitive socio-political battlefield. To accommodate the overflow and those who could not attend, our celebration was streamed over the Internet. He had mentored hundreds and shared his creative spark with thousands in various arenas over the years.This recurring common thread spun a colorful tapestry of memories.

Jihmye was one of the first established San Diego artists to acknowledge and support my desire not only to teach the arts, but also to teach about the arts through music. He hired me almost twenty years ago as a guest lecturer/artist and poetry workshop facilitator for the City Heights Annex where he was a poet in residence. He had a prescience for emerging dreams and hidden potential in people with whom he interacted from young to elderly.

Over a hundred souls shared and comforted, sat  and watched. Several of us also performed in tribute.
Listen to our Jihmye yourself:

 He inspired us to reach into faith in order to create from the dreamed substance of our hope, a future reality.
 Thank you, Jihmye . . . .

Delores Fisher

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