Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For Jihmye Collins: Goodbye Friend

Jihmye Collins was a remarkable man who could walk into a room with a smile that would calm agitated hearts and soothe  irritated spirits. He loved people yet detested inhumane irrationality that could devastate relationships in seconds. His spirituality was quiet, deep, lived, not a flashy fad-inspired covering discarded to suit the moment.

A writer, visual artist, and poet warrior whose painted images and spoken symbols sailed into the miasma of conflated social issues clearly delineating his position for all who gazed, listened, or read, Jihmye's strength as an artistic man was known not only to the meek and humble, but also to the strongly stubborn and arrogantly erudite. And he was loved by so many . . . . .

 An obituary is posted at

On Saturday March 26 at 7:00pm at the City Height Performance Annex, Aglae Saint-Lot Events Manager invites Jihmye Collin's poet and artist family to gather and share treasured thoughts and memories, to celebrate his gift to us with the community. Poet Sylvia Telefaro, president of AAWA, African American Writers and Artists, is helping to organize the event.

For those who can't attend Saturday evening, poet activist Jim Moreno is also holding an Open Mic tribute to Jihmye at the Space Bar on March 24th, Thursday evening at 7:30PM, 7454 University Avenue, La Mesa CA. 91942  before scheduled feature poet Theresa Free takes the stage.

To honor Jihmye's warmth and sharing heart, for those who plan to attend our celebration of such a gentle life,  Jim Moreno says it well:  
Bring a poem , a rhyme, a  smile ….

Peace Out,
delores fisher

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