Monday, September 20, 2010

The Fremonts 10th Year Anniversary Celebration Party Blow-out !

He ya'll. I ran into T (Tony) the "speak just like you mean it, son" blues guitarist of the Fremonts during early morning coffee. Looked for juke joint drummerman Kurt, but T was alone. After some serious "conversatin', T confirmed that the old website has been having a few "issues" and will soon be replaced. So for those fans who are waiting look for the new site . . . here's a little future speak on the real.

The Fremont's 10th year anniversary will be held on Friday September 24th at the Whistle Stop in South Park. The shindig starts at 9:00PM. All you blues hounds and hep dancers set your evening clocks 'cause the fun rooster crows way before 8:30PM if you want to get a seat.

For fans who crave a howlin' Pony Boy harmonica wail, on one of Mighty Joe Milsaps' long night gravelly crossroad cautionary tale groans, you can listen to CD samples at this site: Mighty Crazy

Ahhhhh yea . . . those guys will be on the wail as the night's fall moon glows in the starlight . . ya gotta be there.

Ms. D on the scene
Delores Fisher

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