Sunday, July 9, 2017

Lacresha Berry's One Woman Show Harriet Tubman San Diego International Fringe Festival 2017 Post #2

Lacresha Berry and Delores Fisher after show conversation

San Diego Fringe Festival is noted for choosing innovative performers with a message. The second dynamic one woman show that I saw at Fringe Festival San Diego was Harriet Tubman portrayed by Lacresha Berry caused a resonance within me as an educator.

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Other educators in attendance agreed including Fanny Garvey, international educator.
                      Fanny Garvey and Lacresha Berry

 Oh yea. . .  music lovers, remember the group Mandrill?

Well, Pasadena talk show host Debra "Smilelady" and Ric Wilson of the group Mandrill was also in the audience. I enjoyed  talking and sharing upcoming projects after the show.

                                 Ric Wilson after the show

Ric Wilson gave me this international scoop:

Mandrill's newest album will be out soon. Look for the "official" announcement to access the group's newest work.

 Harriet Tubman adds to Berry's impressive body of performance works. It will most likely become an in demand touring vehicle. It is another must see show. Again, read the critique 

                                        Lacresha Berry as Harriet Tubman

  Lacresha Berry is a wise educator and an electrifying performer. 

Deeply moved and inspired,
Delores Fisher

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