Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jellyfish around San Diego Embarcadero and Broadway Pier

             Delores Fisher Blogger on an early Morning stroll

Jellyfish are visiting the San Diego CA. Broadway Pier and Embarcadero again. Jellyfish appeared to swarm in this same area in 2012. Although I posted about the Black Nettle Jellyfish in July 2012, this was the first time since that year that I have seen any type of jellyfish in such numbers at the pier.
http://carpenoctum2.blogspot.com/2012/08/black-sea-nettle-jellyfish-at.html  However, multiple sightings of similar and other jellyfish have increased since 2012. Several have been posted on youtube.

2015 has been an odd weather year for San Diego with heat and odd rainfall days (despite our drought). It is possible that temperature shifts are part of the reason why jellyfish are in our bays and near our beaches.  Our October weather has been unseasonably hot this early fall, similar to temperatures during earlier 2015 seasonal sightings.  Shannon Handy reported on a North County swarm of Sail jellyfish in May. http://www.760kfmb.com/story/28983291/sail-jelly-fish-washing-up-on-north-county-beaches

Abbie Alford Covered the Mission Beach  Moonjelly beachings.

Shawn Styles, news channel 8, recently reported:  http://www.cbs8.com/story/30136307/new-theory-on-why-these-jellyfish-are-in-san-diegohttp://www.cbs8.com/story/30136307/new-theory-on-why-these-jellyfish-are-in-san-diego

Saturday morning on October 10th, I spotted a small swarm around Broadway Pier and the Star Of India. These resembled the Australian Jellyfish recently sighted in the San Diego Area.

  One of several Jellyfish near Anthony's Fish Grotto and the Star of India

The jellyfish I spotted resembled the Australian Jellyfish reported to have swarmed our coast.

You can view these Australian Jellyfish at the Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista.

 Near the Broadway Pier, quite a few pinkish-white jellyfish were also visible. Most had the distinctive spots, a few others did not.

I continued walking, remembering my previous encounter with the Black Nettle swarm and decided to check near the Bob Hope Memorial and fishing boat pier.

                                       Jellyfish Near Tuna boat pier

Jellyfish were spread all along the waterfront park area. They ranged in size from very small in circumference to mid-size juveniles and large adults. I talked with several tourists were taking photos. Many from landlocked areas were delighted to see the jellyfish swarm in San Diego's coastal waters. Later that evening, I decided to wait a week and go back to the Broadway to see if they were gone. Previously, the Black Nettle swarm had all but drifted up North within a couple of days.
I even managed to get footage of my own.

Australian Jellyfish: Delores Fisher at Broadway Pier San Diego CA.

To all students who have let me know that they too are concerned about our ecological balance, I openly apologize and thank you for sharing thoughts, videos, photos with me over the last few days.

Last weekend, Saturday October17th, I walked down to the pier. What a surprise; quite a few jelly fish were still visible floating in our waters. Whether or not this is a trend due to temporary, permanent, or simply previously undocumented cyclical climatic changes, various jellyfish visitors continue to take port in San Diego.

Delores Fisher,
Waterfront strolling

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