Thursday, June 18, 2015

Celebratng Our Challenges

It has been a while since I posted on Carpenoctum/Notesong and on Twitter So much is happening in the world and here in the United States that I did not want to rush to join the waves of knee jerk responses that have been written as comment on every "controversial" social media event. Before continuing this post,however, I must state that I will soon address the mass shooting in South Carolina at the historically Black Emanuel AME church in which 9 people were gunned down while in a bible study. //

Diversity today is a buzz word. For those with disabilities, it is a strange situation, one of not really being seen in our humanity---"I didn't notice your spasms," of being stared down  for not being within the norm, or treated like a helpless entity----"Oh, you poor thing. Let me get that for you dear." without having been asked if help is indeed needed. It was a pleasure to embrace disability with its pain, challenges, set backs, failures, incremental bench marks, and victories at the San Diego State Kaleidoscope of Abilities: A World of Inclusion showcase.

 Brandon Ishikata SDSU Homecoming king, Delores Fisher, Sara Roldan SDSU Homecoming Queen

Sara Roldan was in the audience, supporting the BSSO and their Hope For Haiti event where I performed  my spoken word poem "Priceless." After the show, she asked me to participate in an upcoming celebration showcase and informative service program about the dynamics of disabilities across a broad spectrum. Sara's description of the reason for the showcase was vibrant. I resonated with the program's intent.

The Kaleidoscope, held in the quad area of the new Conrad Presby Student Center, was packed with students. Sara Roldan and Brandon Ishikata SDSU homecoming king and queen were gracious hosts and MCs. Supported by President Elliot Hirshman who often attends and participates in many campus events, One SDSU, Student Disability Services
Michelle Whaley, ARTS Alive, Association Students and Dr. Estralita Martin, the program was much needed in today's social media shaped academic climate.

For whatever reason, and there are several including feelings of stigma, or shame about disclosing a disability that might not be visible, many college students with disabilities don't seek services that can help them succeed in today's 21st century technology driven and competitive world of collegiate education. It is important for disabled students to know that they have a support system already in place to work with them to achieve their best. San Diego State is known for its proactive inclusionary policy for all students. The disability community is thankful for its ongoing activism. Here are a few photos from the program.

                                              President Hirshman opening address

                                      Isidore Deaf Home coming King 2010 dancing the Bachata

                                                           Vocalist performing "I Will Survive"

                                                      Vocal Vixens /Sign Language Club

                                          Nitya Bharaskaran Bharatanatyam, dance

                                                  Informative discussion with Dr. Pamela Starr

                                                        Sara Roldan and Brandon Ishikata

Thankful for the opportunity to perform,
Delores Fisher

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