Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Comic-Con Chronlcles 2014 Ending: Post #4

 Well . . . it's been almost two weeks since Comic-Con International ended here in San Diego. A few disturbing aftermath situations have surfaced. One involved the Walking Dead "Smash Mob" Walk during which a deaf man allegedly panicking, stepping on the accelerator, and running over a cosplay zombie woman in her sixties as  zombies swarmed his car.

The "Smash Mob" apparently became agitated and banged on his vehicle trying to get him to stop. However, the driver claims he did not know he had run over anyone. Still healing from her injuries, the hospitalized woman is resting. The driver's perception of the incident: http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/San-Diego-Zombie-Walk-Driver-Hits-Woman-Comic-Con--270386361.html

Another incident involved a seventeen year old whose alleged brutal beating/assault was initially discussed on social media by a friend. As of August first, after several days of investigation, the police believe the injuries resulted from a fall and that no assault took place .http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/Comic-Con-Cosplayer-Not-Assaulted-Police-269470211.html

The  convention draws over 100,000 people. The above media covered incidents are a reminder to always be in heightened awareness, as conscious of one's surroundings as possible in large events--especially while having fun.

Shortly after Comic-Con ended, San Diego had a brief tropical monsoonal week. It was a humid, sticky, cloudy and hot week with splashes of rain that created flood situations and mud slides http://www.10news.com/news/much-of-san-diego-county-remains-under-flash-flood-watch-until-8-pm-08032014   Elsewhere locally, ran was sparse and dried up quickly. Much of Southern California is still suffering from drought conditions driving food prices up and restricting water use with enforced severe fines. A little more rain would nice!

Star of India early San Diego monsoonal morning (photo by Delores Fisher)

Ironically, a few fun Comic-Con signs still appear on bars and shop windows as the event's memories fade into anticipation of Comic-Con 2015.
     Window of the Beer Co. 602 Broadway Downtown San Diego

Despite the unusual weather, we continue to enjoy surfing, baseball mania, the opening of football season, and beer tasting.

Yes, beer tasting. Several sites around San Diego county host tastings regularly during this time of the year.

One annual fest held at live band venue night club the Eldorado Cocktail Lounge  eldoradobar.com/  Its San Diego Craft Beer and Showcase was well attended despite clouds and rain droplets while beer enthusiasts enjoyed a local DJ spinning out tunes that could be heard a block away.

San Diego has had an intense summer. A few serious labor disputes are generating picket lines, one of them a big one: Food For Less which services middle and low income households, and its employees. We are also suffering alarming sexual assaults on females in our North Park area. And, migrating homeless increases the number of and strains  resources for our ongoing local populations homelessness. On the daily, homelessness continues to erode the humanity of our most destitute population.

San Diego as a whole works hard to address our issues that reflect ongoing concerns echoing throughout our nation's cities: violence, drug abuse, unemployment, living costs, frustration, and depression plague not only our poverty level communities, but the middle class as well.

Paraphrasing a prayer I heard last weekend:
Lord let those of us who can, intercede for people whose painful lives can't be turned off with the click of a TV remote- (Rev. Jeri)

As we empathize with regional and global floods, typhoons, hurricanes, increasing urban violence,  wage disputes, illness outbreaks(we still have people battling whooping cough), rural small town decay, social crises and riots--we appreciate that at least as far as weather is concerned, it's gettin' back to pleasant sunny skies here in San Diego.

Delores Fisher

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