Monday, July 21, 2014

The 2014 Comic Con Chronicle

 First let me say,  "Hello Moldova!!!!!. . .  newest country to join the Carpenoctum family.

Delores Fisher (a la Wendy Williams) sayin'    "How you doin'?"

Comic Con is a yearly San Diego International event. It ranges from seriously controversial to the just seriously comical(sorry about the pun). Celebrities from social media, actors, authors, professional and amateur cos-players, comic culture experts, comic fans, film makers, religious protesters and "lookey-loos" single in a culture mas-up that is spectacularly diverse and at colorful. Comic Con conventioneers will hopefully be more aware and careful this year as they traverse the city funning it up due to the tragic loss of an avid fan last year.

Summer break allows me the luxury during Comic Con week of a usually walking the Embarcadero during the day, enjoying various sights, walking with costumed crowds through downtown in the evening and strolling East Village at night interacting with local, national and global folk---- costumed or not---but still Comic Con festive.

I typically ride the Green line and Orange line trolly at all hours during Comic Con week just to sit next to a Ninja Turtle or a Clingon. I even visit satellite sites to be in the crowd.Then, I usually do a quick post. This year I want you to experience some of what for me has become an annual.

 Over the last few weeks, after watching San Diego beginning to really ramp up for Comic Con, I decided to do a set of brief posts, documenting the event. I went down to the convention center and strolled around the Hard Rock Hotel on Friday July. This was the scene.

                                                Convention Center Harbor side

                                             Dock Side Landing Coronado Ferry
                                         City side Convention Center
                                                Near the Hard Rock Cafe

It's now Monday July 21st, a few days before Comic Con. A few street signs declared the event's coming almost a month in advance. They are like tribbles now. . .everywhere! Trolley cars painted with colorful film advertisements. This morning I went to one of my favorite blogging spots: the Seaport Village food court. Sighting" no early convention goers. I asked a security guard if he'd seen any so far, and he said , No, not yet at least. Just the usual tourists.

Elsewhere along the harbor . .  .well, it's a different story.

 Newly erected stair barriers behind the convention center

                                               Harbor side Marriott Marina Hotel
                                           Harborside Behind the Convention Center

                                       City-side Convention Center

                                             Hard Rock Hotel side wall

Counting down the days . . . The Comic Con chronicle continues . . . . .

Delores Fisher

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