Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Rising Artists' Portraits Summer 2014

                                                                     Delores Fisher
San Diego is an international port that draws all types of folks. Of course some of my favorites people are street entertainers--- buskers that perform all around the city including Sea Port Village and Balboa Park.

One young man I interviewed almost four years ago had a dream to become a professional musician. His name is Manny. This is the photo his family took of our encounter. His mother emailed me almost six months later that Manny was still pursuing his dream, having endured several setbacks.

                                    Delores Fisher and Manny in Balboa Park


Young artists also perform in traditional venues, on stages throughout the city. Spring semester is over. Grades are in. There is lots of blogging to do. Let my summer projects begin!!!

The Rising Artists' Portraits 2014 page is under construction. Similar to the rising star 2013 page,    I will interview and write about musicians-- Classical as well as Rap, Blues, Pop, writers --- literature, spoken word, playwrights dancers and choreographers, hopefully stand up comedians, actors, a few buskers and even graphic artists. I am looking forward to concerts, art exhibits, film festivals, Comic Con, San Diego Fringe Festival, street fairs---lots of talented folks to write about and videotape !!!!!

Here's a video of young international pianist Gemma Garcia Grijalva; her portrait will appear early July. We could not coordinate schedules, so she sent me this video performance. Gemma was preparing to go on tour when we spoke. I want to share her story with you. She is genuinely nice as well as talented.

Also a really cool dude and all around good guy is young opera baritone Nicholas Newton. He's making news on the national scene. A San Diego local,  his interview will appear later this June.

                                                Nicholas Newton and Delores Fisher

Young talent on the move towards into the future. . . . .

Delores Fisher

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