Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Delores Fisher Photo update (Greetings to new readers in Romania and Australia)

Its time for an update post. Yes my book is out with talks about a second book in progress. It's a compilation of essays on African American Music History with personal Interviews of a few San Diego Musicians. The title: Readings in African American Music:  Essays

The link:
It's been a busy year so far. Here are a few highlights:
The March California Faculty 2014 Equity Conference was enlightening and restorative. Shout out to the Disability Caucus!

 Delores Fisher  with my grey hat and matching grey top Cane)  Dr. Charles Toombs Associate Vice-president on the end at the right.

Also, much gratitude to African American Caucus mentors and to the Caucus in general for such an inspiring set of workshops. We had an opportunity to engage in honest, frank discussion about today's statewide educational focus for all of our students.

 Delores Fisher, Dr. Angela McIntosh and Assembly woman Dr. Shirley Weber

Dr. Shirley Weber with San Diego State African American Caucus Memberss

Of course, in community, at international East Village Community Church absorbing words of wisdom from  a favorite mentor educator Rev. Dr. Mercia Hill. Dr. Hill helps to keep me grounded.

                                    Dr. Mercia Hill and Delores Fisher

Also at East Village I benefit from the musical expertise and friendship of recording, concertizing Russian classical duo violinist Michael Dvoskin and pianist Katerina Petrosyan.
                       Michael Dvoskin, Delores Fisher, Katerina Petrosyan

Earlier in the year, the San Diego State Africana Studies Department's Martin Luther King Luncheon was exciting and rewarding. The room was full to capacity. Since I wasn't performing, I enjoyed being low key, mingling easily with other faculty and talking informally with some of our young scholars about their research and future educational goals.

Delores Fisher and young scholar Robert Worlds

I also worked with sheet music collector Vince Meades on another Special Collections Archive Project for that post, click onto the link to my African American Music Blog Sonictapestry:

Robert Ray Special Collections Division Head and music 
collector Vince Meades and me (Delores Fisher) at San Diego State University.

Lastly, congratulations to undergraduate scholar Kebba Manjang. I am not the easiest mentor to have, but I must admit, his willingness to discuss, rethink, edit, and critically examine his work during every step of his research process was impressive. His hard work resulted in a tie for a Dean's Awardat the San Diego State 2014 Student Research Symposium.

Ah well, the semester progresses and I shout out support to the San Diego State Men's Basketball team. They have a very possible NCAA championship in their future. Meanwhile, Have Blog, will travel.

Delores Fisher

A Carpe Noctum update!

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