Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Anti-Bulliying Performance San Diego. CA.

A shout out to San Diego African American Writers & Artists Inc. (AAW&A)  for their stand against bullying and strong support for facilitating recovery for victims and families. It was exciting to meet positive, solution seeking parents and many positive, community oriented youth. They openly expressed concern over the complexities of how to provide relief for those who are targets of bullying or those who know others who experience (cyber and real-time) bullying on a daily basis.

Several performers and speakers engaged the audience in a lively discussion that also gave parents a safe space to voice frustration about which advocacy channels to use when bullying by adult staff or student peers seems to be condoned or overlooked by school site administrators.

Bobbie Hearns, the lead musician for th AAW&A inc., was not in attendance,(see my profile on Bobbie Hearns: )
 so I doubled as singer-pianist leading audience members in a verse of  "Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing" to open the event. It was also a pleasure for me to present and perform student poems for the audience.

Award winning poet Reggie Gaines attended showing his artistic support for AAW&A's inspirational community participation. We spent several minutes talking about anti-bullying campaigns across the nation and ways in which people from New York to San Diego are actively getting involved in the social movement to end this type of violence.

             Poet Reggie Gaines and me (Delores Fisher)--"posing"

We moved on to an intense discussion about African American singers, dancers, poets, prose writers, painters, graphic novelists, comedians, talk show hosts-- all involved in innovative community based arts movements in communities across America. Technology is adding so much more access and connection that an increasing international artists "voice" is joining the dialogue, proposing positive ideas to invigorate struggling urban neighborhoods. These are indeed busy and exciting times.

                              Just Chillin' with Reggie Gaines-- me (Delores)

And, Reggie brought me up to date on some of his current New York City film projects and upcoming San Diego events.  . . . . . Another "Bring in 'Da Noise Bring in 'Da Funk and Broadway run?" we'll see.

But for now, just want to share one of my favorite interviews with Reggie dropping some wisdom about a project.

In community, on the real ya'll,
Delores Fisher

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