Wednesday, September 18, 2013

African American Writers & Artists Inc. San Diego: Response to Bullying Amoung Our Youth

Bullying is perhaps one of the most difficult behaviors to iradicate in our youth. It is insidious. It is toxic. And, unfortunately it is also global. Sylvia Telefaro president of the African American Writers & Artists Inc. San Diego a more than thirty year old community organization here in San Diego, continues to support all youth, especially those who wrestle with the impact of complex socio-cultural dynamics that impact their lives.

It is line with beliefs of now deceased African American Writers &Artists of San Diego Inc. founder Jihmye Collins who taught and lived a deep respect for all our humanity in God's universe. 

                                                               Jihmye Collins

This fall, the organization will hold a competition in the Southeast San Diego community at the Malcolm X Library to create a safe space for youth to express themselves openly about bullying issues through poetry, spoken word, and inspirational conscious rap.

It is an honor to work with Sylvia and the African American Writers organization. It is also an honor to participate on the judges' panel with award winning poet Reggie Gaines. We performed together at the San Diego Central Library Constitutional Celebration reading last year. He is a dynamic performer and activist.

                                                 Delores Fisher and Reggie Gaines

Students in K-12 in the San Diego and surrounding area, go to  for further information. The competition deadline is October 18th. After judges' votes have been counted, an awards event with presentations by the winners performing their original work and a Masquerade Ball will take place on October 30th.

 Personal Sharing:
An open note to young people everywhere filled with pent up anger, on the edge of giving up,or  living in despair and fear, please know that many adults DO care. Reach out and find a trustworthy, sympathetic adult who can give positive, supportive advice to you and your families. Also, speak out in a safe place: share your experiences; you are not alone. Move out from the shadows of silence and become a proactive advocate for healthy solutions to this very real threat to our all of our humanity.   (The comment box is open at the end of this post for Carpe Noctum/Notesong readers)

May the peace, love, and mercy of God protect and guide those living with bullying to know healing grace.
Delores Fisher

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