Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fun at Comic Con: Discovering "ICON"

Unbelievable moments of "wow" timing happen rarely in most people's lifetimes; you know-- those serendipitous events that make ya just sit back and go "Hmmmmmm?" as Arsenio Hall used to say. I had one last week while walking around doing my usual Comic Con people watching in back (Bayside) of the Convention Center in Downtown San Diego. In the near distance, a few yards away, our San Diego Symphony Orchestra was rehearsing for a summer eve concert.What an incredible morning.

But . .. . It all seemed too quiet. Not enough people or something this year. . . Then, walking closer to the Convention Center I realized that the venue had been re-formulated to "spillout" into side streets and  more venues beyond the Embarcadero

A family themed picnic garden sprawled out in front of the Hilton. It had a DJ booth, 30 ft tall inflatable super heroes, photo op backdrops, and space for tired adult and little comic fans to rest, eat, watch, listen and just enjoy breezes from the bay.

I continued on over the suspension bridge. A  parking lot full of events and booths stretched out towards the Metro Clock Tower. And yes . . . people were beginning to cross the bridge. I stood on the bridge and took a few snaps before the lot filled.

                                                         Me (on the bridge near the Clock Tower)

Just as I reached the bottom of the stairs, the bridge filled with people walking from Petco Park. Ah, now this is what I was looking for. And in an instant . ... . I had that rare serendipitous moment.

For the last few weeks, I have been preparing for a panelist/presenter position with the next upcoming San Diego comic event in October of this year: Comic Fest http://www.sdcomicfest.org/ . I even received a contact email with one of now defunct Milestone Comics previous writers, Ivan Velez and have begun correspondence as part of my research.http://www.planetbronx.com/

Guess what Notesongsters?   I walked right into an ICON character enactor!!!! We talked for several minutes (couldn't believe it was happening). Then, a Milestone fan from back in the day and his wife stopped to chat too!

                                                         "Milestone Character "Icon" at Comic Con 2013

                                                    Delores Fisher(Me ya'll!) and " Icon"

Thanks Chris Cooper for sending me these photos....much props for the follow through! Looking forward to more research and adventure.

Looking for Dakota, 
Delores Fisher

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