Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Delores Fisher/ Ken Card Just Jammin' At Hank's

Sharing musical interests with a colleague who enjoys music across a broad spectrum is always fun. Ken Car is a guitarist with a wit and dry delivery that often has me laughing while at the same time rubbing my face uttering "Whoa, man," He and I enjoy traditional Western Classical music, as well as other "Classical" traditions. We also both enjoy the challenging process of improvisation.

                    Ken Card  Guitar Faculty at Garrett's Band Instruments

       Delores Fisher Piano Faculty at Garrett's Band Instruments

It's all part of the musical fun that punctuates our sonic terrain as two of several Garrett Music studio teachers. Ken Car teaches guitar, me, piano--at Garrett's Band Instruments:

Here's a quick YOUTUBE post of our latest high jinks while on break. It is the very first time that we sat down to play as a duo. We call this improvised collaboration based on a few Blues cliches-- what else--  "Breaktime Blues." Hank Garrett's great sense of humor allows such gems of musical moments. We owe him a heartfelt thanks
                                                        BREAK TIME BLUES

Playin' for the fun of it. . . . .ENJOY!
Delores Fisher

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  1. Show Ken card this picture from 1970 in Frankfurt, germany