Friday, June 22, 2012

Rehearsing for Jesus Jazz Jam Performance

 Pianist/Composer Carolyn J. Anderson and Delores Fisher
rehearsing poetry collaboration for Jesus Jazz Jam
Photo by:Lawrence C Gaskin "The Prince O' Melody"
Working with Carolyn J. Anderson is really exciting-a summer of music and I get to do my poetry! This seasonal tryin' to do my thang . . . preparation for upcoming performances while synchronizing rehearsal time with teaching feels like regular semester living at SDSU (Africana Studies Dept). The actuality of being a performer and community based educator goes well beyond in-class sharing around a seminar table. (Humbly remembering scholar virtuoso clarinetist Dr. Marion Leibowitz's cautionary nurturing during my Professional Studies course at SDSU with a deeper humility as this summer progresses.)

Thankfully, Pastor Bryan at Trinity Lutheran Church   is a theologian/musician/teacher/scholar. (He plays a really tuneful trumpet). Our on -site time feeds into and helps balance our off-site reality.

One future program music project being formulated by Carolyn J. Anderson is Jesus Jazz Jam. Instrumentalists, dancers, rappers, spoken word poets, performance artists, painters, drawers, and singers are welcome to participate. PR will be out soon.

Oh, by the way. . .in the photo above, we were rehearsing an excerpt from my poem "Billie Holiday"

Music and Summer 2012,
Delores Fisher

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