Friday, April 6, 2012

Danielle Lo Presti on electronica chill groove-move
I've been following this innovative musician for several years now. Her R&B inflected lyrics and heart-song raw-groove vocals are a refreshing tableau of on the real humanitarian caritas.  In an age of too many wannabe's with self-centered lyrics and not enough "I Am Me" conscious singers on today's assembly line replica-plastique music terrain. Joined by the angst-rocker sounds of collaborator Alcia Champion, her unique sonic tapestry continues to unfold as she explores and lights a candle in the dark edges of marginality. Lo Presti "retired" from the music scene to take care of la familia and is now back--as strong as ever.

True to her innovative inner voice, she is experimenting with a new sound on new media. In her own words from a press release, she started "The Danielle LoPresti (Electronic/ Chill) channel on Jango Internet radio to get an idea of how the general public would react to the (very few) Deep House and Industrial sounding tracks we've released under DLPM. We didn't promote it on this list, nor on Facebook/ Twitter... it was more of a personal experiment to see how the music would be received by completely new, objective ears."  Apparently, the channel has blown up---and for those of you who also do social media, continue to spread the word! Go global, go global, go global!!!!!

Danielle's 2010 CD titled "Run With It" featured the single release women's protest/resistance anthem "Objectify." You can purchase both on CD Baby if you're global and not one of the LA Region/ San Diego local fans who can purchase the newest disc at a gig

Haven't had a chance to coffee-chat with her recently, but perhaps an update interview will schedule out for the Summer. ---By the way----still prefer one of her earlier celebratory/dance-party offerings: "Roll Mama" which honors women in all stages of life, acknowledging that  age can attire one's soul with an empowering fragrant essence.

Welcome back Danielle, we missed you!

Dancin' to the groove,
Delores Fisher

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