Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 . . .Ah Yes

It is finally 2012 and many of us are not sure whether to inhale deeply, thankfully or exhale shallowly, anxiously.  San Diegans wonder where we as a city are headed. Our building funds for future projects have been co-opted. Our universities face budget cuts AND fee hikes. Our K-12 educational system is crying into the wilderness of fewer funds, fewer teachers,an increasing intellectually hungry student population,  more work demands and longer hours. Our city streets are home to thousands of homeless because shelters are overcrowded. Many of our leaders in economics, politics, religion, philosophy, law, medicine, education, the arts, philantrhopy, social services, and technology are linking together, collaborating, searching for solutions beyond bigger bandaids for swelling societal wounds. Will we look inside for ethical, spiritual, and moral answers as a way to combat rising despair? Only time will reveal that answer. Where will Carpe Noctum fit into this socio-cultural nexus in 2012?

My goal is to continue presenting a variety of topics and issues, to continue reflective discourse with colleagues, friends, and skeptics inside and outside of the arts community. I also intend to expand discussion of the arts into diverse artistic terrain, increase op ed pieces, shape interviews to encourage artists' opinions about the new aesthetics and  socio-cultural interaction. I will continue to teach the Africana Studies 385 African American Music class at San Diego State University

In addition, this year, I will increase participation in artistic community activities as a musician: 
and lecturer:

For those who want a more music centered perspective,  sonictapestry is up and running. Its scope is global with many research oriented essays. . The year is just beginning. May it be one of love, faith, hope, courage, creativity and new positive, healing, productive frontiers!!!!

Happy New Year,
Delores Fisher

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