Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hola Mexico!

Exciting news from one of my poetry sources-- Olga. A movement is growing among young poets transcending de frontiera. Located in Tijuana and throughout Mexico, these poets are dedicated to reaching the masses with a message of  cultural critique, inspiration, hope, vibrancy, and creativity.

According to Olga:
"The young poets in Tijuana belong to a group called Colectivo Intransigente. They are all over the place, not only in TJ,  but all over Mexico. Many of the poets are multi-disciplinary musicians, dancers, video producers singers  etc." 

Congratulations to the new trailblazers. My generation of US and Mexican poets have interacted over previous years in cultural artistic exchange that has produced lasting friendships and sharing.
Viva Poetas,
Delores Fisher

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