Friday, August 20, 2010

Danielle LoPresti and The Masses - Role Mama -The Video Release!!!!

Shout out, shout out, shout out!!!!!!!!

The long awaited video of the hit single "Role Mama" by Danielle Lo Presti and the Masses is finally here, people --got it from sources at Say It Records.

Directed by Gabriel Soto of Semper Productions,this video is a fun positive salute to all those supportive women who helped pave the way for our 21st century freedom.Often invisibilized by constrictive media spin gaze, many of these "sheroes" are standing or sitting right next to you at this very moment. One of them could BE YOU!!!!

Whether part of a space shuttle team, telling bedtime stories, styling hair at a salon, cooking family meals, fighting in our armed services, donating time to cancer fund raising, working in hospices, hospitals, and churches---the list is long. This cut is arguably the strongest single from the "Outloud" CD

"Role Mama" is up there with Danielle Lo Presti and the Masses' cultural commentary songs like "22 Mountains," "Imagining," and "Call Me Sister."

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Roll Mama

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