Friday, January 25, 2019

January 2019 Happy New Year!

                               Delores Fisher Christmas Holidays 2019

Hello to new readers in Bosnia and Herzegovinia, Turkmenistan, Australia, Belarus, and Uganda.
What a surprise! Thank you all for joining our Carpenoctum2/Notesong family!

This is a short post with several photo memories at the end.

Winter break was restful and restorative. I finally finished my Africana Studies reader for the spring 2019 semester. Thanks to San Diego State University publishers, Montezuma Publishing      Montezuma Publishing has published all three of my Africana Studies course readers from the initial prototype to this current revised edition. The production team is professional, patient, and knowledgeable.

I spent  a few minutes with San Diego poet  Rudi G. He's writing and performing poetry all around town(shout out to San Diego "beat poet" Chris Vannoy!). When will he have another art show? I'll try and find out.

                                         Poet and artist Rudi G

Oh yea, international shout out to poet Reg. E. Gaines. We talked about this poem when it was in process. Here's the finished version that he performed at a benefit. Click on and enjoy. Such a beautiful piece!

Comfort food and sweet memories from the past: Ted's Red Hots. . .

Town of Tonawanda, New York . Growing up with Ted's Red Hots. Oh those foot longs and curly fries!! 

2018 . . .Visited your store in Tempe Arizona. Wow! Same delicious open grilled hot dogs. Comfort food and flavorful fries, warm feelings of regional good food, same "come right in,  enjoy the food and the atmosphere!" And. . .we did.  Guess which one's my order?

Pictorial blogger moments:
 Vince Meades and Delores Fisher (Thinking of you Vince)

Busker musician  J.Stiles and Delores Fisher (Coffee and conversation)

Ballet Master teacher Robyn Schifren and pianist Delores Fisher

          Conversation with award winning director Clarence Cuthbertson

Seaport Village, a winter day, renowned saxophonist Walter Gentry
and Delores Fisher


Me and the girls!  Rapper Duchess Smooth,  poet Roxanne
Della McNiel (Della Queen) and Delores Fisher at Hip Hop Summit

Bayside, .much to talk about. Ravi (Rock Whisperer),  Delores Fisher

Reg E. Gaines- makes me laugh, trying not to for photo Delores Fisher

And . . . . . a shout out to readers all over the world. As Winter break quickly becomes the first day of class at San Diego State University, bringing new students, new research topics and papers, and a world of academic wonder---I just wanted to say thank you to all of our Carpenoctum2 family. I hope this new year brings blessing, healing, restoration, peace, and well-being.

                                 At the Broadway Pier, San Diego, California

Much love to you all!
Delores Fisher

Friday, December 7, 2018

Delores Fisher December 7, 2018 Happy Holidays

                                                  Delores Fisher, Lecturer/Blogger

Hello Australia, Ukraine, and India! 

Holiday season is officially underway here in the USA. I gotta tell you, I can't remember ever watching so many made for television holiday movies with such diverse actors!  It's refreshing.

Sending a shout out to our new Africana Studies Department faculty member in the College of Arts and Letters here at San Diego State University,  Sureshi M. Jayardene, Phd.

Dr. "J," as she is known to students, specializes in western Indian Ocean Africa diaspora studies. And, yes students who read my blog, I DO think she's really super cool with major scholar skills!!

Oh yea, as fall 2018 semester ends and finals fade into the past, students, administration, staff, and faculty anticipate a brief break before Spring 2019 semester rolls into the all too near present. I am already setting up my 2019 schedule as educator/lecturer, guest speaker, pianist, and poet. 

I heard from three of my favorite people over Thanksgiving.
First, opera soprano Malesha Taylor. Now Education Coordinator with the Atlanta Opera company, she recently did a Ted Talks.

Next is opera Baritone Nicholas Newton.

And, composer Jude Thomas whom I've known since he was a teenager. Here is one of his piano compositions performed in concert

Speaking of music, my 2017 list of popular Christmas Songs (My Christmas Jams!) are still my favorite. Click on and enjoy.

Just a brief update and hello, 
Delores Fisher

Thursday, November 1, 2018

November 2018 Thanksgiving Pre-thought

                                                           Delores Fisher

Just a brief hello to thank you for putting us over the 20,000 mark! Special November hello to Ukraine, Brazil, Russia, Canada, and India. Yes, my readers are diverse ...

Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving is fast "trotting" onto the holiday scene. We seem, in general, a bit more solemn and contemplative this year due to acts of violence and oppression. Perhaps we are becoming more deeply grateful for blessings in the middle of hurt and pain and confusion, and yes, anger, and frustration, and yet...humility. 

Words also can not express our profound acknowledgement of bigger than life natural forces beyond our control. As a planet, we can not always accurately predict let alone completely control what geology or weather will do.  

Thanksgiving may look a little different this year. But if we keep love in our hearts, maybe more than a pinch of patience and compassion . . . and a special place in our hearts for those whose lives interact in a nurturing way with ours. Thinking of two very special people:

 Vince Meades:

Vince Meades and me (several years ago) at Special Collections and University Archives San Diego State University, discussing my research finds in his generous sheet music donation to the archives.

See some of the results at:

And, India's Rabandra Sakar  "Rock Whisperer--My first video interview. The Reiki Master was so kind to grant the interview and to let me post it.

We continue to keep in touch and can often be found, when he is in town, talking about spirituality and life as we sit on the sea side boardwalk wall at Seaport Village/ Embarcadero.

                                              Ravi and me at Seaport Village

As many areas of the world start to rebuild, from the wildfires of Southern California that has claimed over 40 lives  to other especially hard hit regions of our world like Southern India struggling to recover from its monsoonal rains   

-----Let us send up prayers and positive thoughts for healing and renewal; let us give financial gifts to reputable charities and disaster relief funds, share a conversation or a smile with the homeless, be a little more patient with people who don't look like, don't act like, don't think like or don't talk like us.
And if we can't agree, at least respect the other's right to an opinion.  

Giving thanks  giving for intercessory prayers, blessings, and mercy for us all . . . 
Delores Fisher