Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 It's January--the "New" Year

                                   Delores Fisher at the Poetry Tree

Somewhere in corners of my mind that have dust bunnies and robots playing together in symbiosis,
a tiredly echoing phantasm of Amiri Baraka sighs loudly: the changing same".  Friends tell me that it is really a good thing that I have been working on course content and a syllabus for each class over the last few days. I missed a socio-cultural political talking point event. It's now a global incident---sadly perhaps not worth spiritual or emotional repetition.

  And so. . . .another time cycle begins for many of us.

A bright light on an international level, hello and welcome to the Shen Yun performers of China.

They are bringing their yearly wondrous talents and performance to San Diego   This year's show promises to be even more exciting than last year.

On the local San Diego California scene . . . .I had breakfast with poet activist Jim  Moreno early this month at the Big Kitchen We tried last year but illness and schedules just didn't co-ordinate. His poetry is even more insightful and passionate.

                                                     Poet Jim Moreno

Listened in awe of his word-craft last month at Gelatos Open mic  hosted by Ying W. and Andy P. in San Diego California  when international poet Olga Gutierrez-Garcia featured ( we co-featured a few pieces together, in reminiscence of our 4nth poetry group). She's in planning an international tour and will co-feature with me in February at a local San Diego open mic.
                                                 Olga Garcia at 54th and Lex

Jim and I talked about our current lives as we relived our youth, when mentors embraced us, nurtured us, corrected us because they prophetically saw productive young adults in the rough. They saw us as more than we were.

We spoke about Jihmye Collins and his wish that all could be whole or on a path of healing.  Jim Moreno  hosts an open mic. It has features by poets like Broadway's Reg. E. Gaines as well as local poets. Reg E. Gaines' innovative poetic collaborations have rocked the San Diego, New York, and national scene for years!

 Jim Moreno hosts 2nd Tuesday Poetry Open Mic  at Club Cabaret in honor of Jihmye Collins' work as poet, teacher, activist, mentor, and friend.

The Big Kitchen's food is nurturing and very much comfort food. Judy the Beauty was away visiting friends, a well deserved pause to her active life as founder and mother energy  of the restaurant.We ate generous servings, drank tall glasses of fresh squeezed orange juice and talked for a couple of hours. It was a good early morning interlude.

                                                                    Jim Moreno

 It seemed appropriate, considering how long we have been poets on the scene, to do a little creative editing to one of the photos-- make it look as if we took it during the early years of the Big Kitchen.

                  Delores Fisher and Jim Moreno at the Big Kitchen 2018

When we said our good byes, hugged, and continued our day, I felt renewed. Good company and early morning sunshine does that to me. I walked around the neighborhood, getting used to my new crutches and mobility. Several blocks later, a poetry tree's branches extended free poetic greetings.

                                                          The poetry Tree

Artistry, poems of inspiration.  With a smile I continued my walk. It was a good day.

As for 2018 . . . . perhaps if we continue to value our humanity 2018 will fill us with hope in times of desperation, courage while sorrowful,  faith when experiencing overwhelming doubt, tolerance during misunderstanding, grace when willful selfishness, spiritual discernment through confused anguish, and joy with humble celebration.

                 Happy "New" Year,  Delores Fisher from California

Friday, December 8, 2017

Delores Fisher December 2017 Reflections: "It Is the Season "

                                     Delores Fisher--Seasons Greetings!

A special hello to new readers in Portugal, Croatia, and Finland.

Happy holidays everyone! Whatever the celebration or occasion, this time of year is set aside to remember. Families come together, if only briefly depending on the family dynamics. They skype, text, call on the telephone, or visit in person. According to Nancy Naught,  at the Huffington Post,

"This year, December, a month that encompasses the Christian and Jewish celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah, includes spiritually significant days for Muslims, Buddhists, Pagans and Zoroastrians."   

I have had a busy semester teaching, grading papers, and researching. In addition, I've had several "adventures."  Here are a few highlights:

Shout out to Dr. Jennifer Imazaki and the FIT project at SDSU. What a workshop leader. I finished the educational workshops, the concluding paper, and the presentation to my department, the Africana Studies Department at San Diego State University ( one of the oldest Africana Studies departments in the nation!)  p   Special thanks to Dr. Charles Toombs for the support and to my cohort educator and mentor Dr. Bonnie Reddick.

Phi Kappa Phi had their Fall info and first contact session. Michelle Lopez and student officers presented an informative and inspiring event. It was an honor to speak to potential inductee student scholars.

In the arts, a shout out to a very gifted young San Diego California based singer: Cedrice. Her considerable talent is so fresh and her vocal stylizations are unique. I am watching and waiting for Cedrice to emerge onto the national music scene in 2018 .

     Cedrice in Little Italy: outdoor Farmer's Market

She sings originals with the band Abstrack and also solo cover songs. Here's a couple of my favorite  musical stylizations by Cedrice.

Also in the arts, participating on a panel discussion for the San Diego Repertory Theater  with Artistic Director Sam Woodhouse as moderator, and fellow panelists SDSU professor of Digital Humanities David Cline, and comedian Abel Silvas to discuss the historical background and issues of appropriation in their mega holiday hit musical "Black Pearl Sings!" written by playwright Frank Higgins, directed by Thomas W. Jones with S. Renee Clark as music director, was such fun!

The plot's premise is based on Alan Lomax's excursions into the United State's south during the 30s and 40s to find authentic Black folk music. However, instead of a Bluesman like Leadbelly, and a male song researcher like Alan Lomax, the play has a female folk song/blues vocalist Alberta "Pearl" Johnson and a female music researcher Susannah Mullally. Both actresses have amazing acting and vocal talent. I got a chance to speak to them briefly after the show and will review the performance on my Sonictapestry blog later this month. Black Pearl Sings! is a must see show.

Veteran actress Allison Spratt Pearce plays Susannah Mullally
                                                  Allison Spratt Pearce

Minka Wiltz, Atlanta Georgia based actress, plays Alberta "Pearl" Johnson.

                                                    Minka Wiltz

Also had an opportunity to hang out and talk about art, activism, personal agency/sustainability, and education with a couple of artists that many folks in the area know by their first names: Fernando and Marco. An "all humans" mural project is in the works. Hopefully we will have an update soon. Oh yea . . .thank you Fernando for teaching and explaining the word ARTIVISM!

                              Fernando, Delores Fisher, Marco

For those in Mexico who recently experienced the poetry of International Poet Olga Garcia, she continues to perform globally and will have several seasonal performances here in San Diego California in the next few months as well. Olga and I recently got together in the evening to talk poetry, performance, and life at Bloomindale's 59th and Lex Restaurant in San Diego.

                                      Olga Garcia and Delores Fisher

Ah yes, as you can see, I have two crutches now. I'm getting use to them. It is worth the summer physical therapy to continue walking. To my readers with "challenges": this holiday season, I pray that you have friends and family who love you. If not, or not so many, remember to love and cherish you, your  wonderful global humanity for we are human touched by the divine.

                   Delores Fisher and international poet Olga Garcia

2017 has been a difficult year for many around the world. My prayers and thoughts often turn to those in distress and grief. I hope in artistic performances and sharing to bring some re-connection, release of sorrow, inspiration and joy to others. My wish for all my Carpe Noctum readers is that this December will find us embracing new healing horizons and cherished memories.

Delores Fisher

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Our Global Disasters 2017

                                                                       Delores Fisher Blogger

Hello and special welcome to new Notesong readers in Bangladesh, Canada, Spain, and Armenia!

Our world is experiencing major geological upheaval and climate events. Earthquakes, volcanic disruption, typhoons, and hurricanes are claiming lives, ravaging lifestyles, and destroying communities.

It may seem as if we here in Southern California are having a climate reprieve; we  had some record heat issues with very destructive fire outbreaks but not like our late spring-early summer of 2014
 Los Angeles California, this year, endured record fire loss

San Diegans are mindful that it's still September. After years of severe drought and water rationing, we had record rainfall. We remember our wet, windy, winter last year.     

I captured this footage a few minutes after winds and heavy rain began to subside. It had rained fairly heavily for almost two days. After a week, the rains came back and we experienced flooding and landslides throughout the region for several weeks.

Yet our experience in San Diego California, whether geological or climatic, so far does not compare to what other parts of the U.S, or the world has suffered or is undergoing. Our wildfires blended with climate interaction are arguably a different matter. The October Cedar Fire took eight lives, cost millions of dollars in property damage, and killed uncounted numbers of wild life.

As we look at the world today, a few places have had little or no noticeable damage. Others, like Mexico City, are areas in trauma. Let's take a look at a few regions.

Vanuatu--6.8 Earthquake- so far....little or no known/damage.

Japan 6.1 Earthquake--so far...little or no known/reported damage.

Mexico City regions, however has sustained major damage and loss of lives with continuing aftershocks. 7.1 Earthquake---

As for hurricanes and flooding, the US has been hit by Hurricane Harvey, and now Jose(East Coast)as Hurricane Irma still rages on.

Irma has devastated Puerto Rico and other Caribbean Islands The flooding has left the island with severe infrastructure damage.

People are suffering on a very basic level from the devastation. Airlift aid is slow so far, although some relief is coming in. Experts estimate that those who can not leave the island of Puerto Rico will struggle without electricity for weeks. Rebuilding the economy may take years.

Other parts of the world are having similar storm experiences including floods in Northern India, Nepal India, Nepal and Bangladesh according to Floodlist Asia:

Africa, including Nigeria and the Sudan are also in the middle of flood crises:

2017 is not over yet . . . .My  prayers and thoughts go out to all devastated by geological, wildfire, or climatic crisis.

May God be with you, comfort you, and strengthen you.

Delores Fisher