Tuesday, February 14, 2017

International Poet Olga Garcia

                                                   International Poet Olga Garcia

Hello to folks in the U.S., new international readers in India, Ireland, Egypt and to brand new readers in Bhutan!

Each year, several poets and I get together from time to time for breakfast, or a luncheon salad, mid-afternoon tea, and dessert or a few evening street tacos. We relax in venues from East Village  to Hillcrest to Downtown San Diego's international food district.

This unusually bright, clear skied day, Olga Garcia international poet and an editor of the San Diego Poetry Annual https://sandiegopoetryannual.com/   meets me for an early lunch. We choose a favorite chil-lax eatery: Bread and Cie in Hillcrest  http://www.breadandcie.com/the-cafe/    They have a varied menu, but we usually have one of their tasty, balanced salads, bread,  and tea--food that fuels our sharing.

                                                            Bread and Cie

On the way, our conversation turns from everyday life to performances and the arts. I have been laboriously writing poetry and composing again after a very long hiatus. Creativity can be a beautifully difficult process. Jim Moreno, Sylvia Talafaro, Chris Vannoy and Olga, Reg. E. Gaines inspire me. It will happen. I haven't been able to pick up pen or pencil to pas de deux with my lyrical muse in rhythmic arabesques across the page truly for several years now. But they meet my gaze with wisdom. I know,"Soon." 

                                                              Olga Garcia

We park and then stroll around sunny Hillcrest streets, thankful it is not a rainy day. It has been raining for hours in clusters of days for several days in San Diego. We have land sliding and tress falling, flooding streets and fogging late nights yawning into the face early morning clouds. We have been in a long drought. But so much rain? Well, it is good for saturated land to dry out.

                                                       Delores Fisher (blogger/poet)

                                                         Olga Garcia (poet)

We arrive at  Bread and Cie after walking and sharing holiday anecdotes and photos; we sit down to our usual--salad with cranberries, walnuts, varied greens, sprinkled with gorgonzola cheese and more holiday stories. Healing . . . . energy, it's almost palpable, you know, the energy.

                                                       Selfie Time!!!!!

It surfaces often in conversations lately. Several other San Diego poets note positive, healing, energy growing at open mic nights. It's not only among poets, but also in other artistic communities, collaborations, tributes, acknowledgements of work touching hearts and lives.Think of Adele's Grammy and her heartfelt thank you for Beyonce's artistry which lit the way for Adele to shine her again light onto our global stage.

Perhaps an organizer will sponsor a "world arts day" in near future. We will share our melodies, sculptures, paintings, photos, writings,  encouragement for too many right now  who are wounded and weary,

Hmm . . . .a  21st century global Langston Hughes type of "Weary Blues" or maybe a jazz inflected Horace Silver "Song for my Father" ...mother, sister, brother. Some people say we're beyond Marvin Gaye's "What's Goin' On? But perhaps we are revisiting Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes "Wake Up Everybody" calling for elders and youth to declare a truce and work together for community betterment. Another version, Hip Hop, calls youth to rock the vote. Three generations of performers Jeremiad for surviving strife. I like the original, and the Hip Hop version, but John Legend and the Roots "Wake Up Everybody" resonates most for me.

Creativity working in community. 

Thankful for artists who help others re-claim voice and message.
Delores Fisher

Friday, January 13, 2017

San Diego California: January 2017

Hello Costa Rico, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and all my readers. Thank you!


A few thoughts from my Sonictapestry site: a retro celebration/reflection blog post on Dr. Martin Luther King Day.  https://sonictapestry.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/stevie-wonders-support-for-dr-martin-luther-king-holiday/

We're here in the new year 2017. It's raining a lot this January in San Diego.

                                                                       Delores Fisher

San Diego Sports News

San Diego, California is in a very interesting sports city position as of a few days ago. We no longer have our football team the Chargers. Many of the Chargers were not only "paid athletes" they were also responsible community members. As newscasters have reminded us: the Chargers raised money for charities, attended community events, visited hospitals and schools. The team's leaving is an impact that will take time to heal. However, it also sets us up for a new professional football team to come to our city. We are sad to see the Chargers leave. Just asking professional football teams in general:  Would you like to play football for us? If so, come on down!

And ya know,  as I stated on Twitter, we have other professional teams and sports.

We have a champion indoor soccer team-The San Diego Soccers  http://www.sdsockers.com/ ,
a  professional hockey team- The San Diego Gulls http://www.sandiegogulls.com/  ,  a professional baseball team The San Diego Padres-http://sandiego.padres.mlb.com/index.jsp?c_id=sd , and even a professional  women's football team The Surge in the wings ready to start:  https://twitter.com/DeloresFisher/status/819688957931700224?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Etweet

We also have award winning little league teams, high school teams, and college teams.
(Go San Diego Aztecs! Mountain West Champions and winners of the Las Vegas Bowl 2017)

As we continue into 2017, some San Diegans will have to calm themselves and hope for the best.

                                                              Delores Fisher

Singin' in the rain? We're trying.

Just sayin'
Delores Fisher

Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Almost Over, 2017 Almost In Sight. . . .Happy New Year!??

                                                              Delores Fisher

Year's end shout out to my new readers in Portugal, Ukraine, Philippines and Turkey!

Hmm....what a year 2016 has been for us Earthlings/Terrestrials those who inhabit this world. What a roller coaster ride.

 It's now near year's end, "the holiday season." In rejoicing, share joy; yet, morn with those who are suffering displacement, dire poverty, enduring loss.


First, a pause to give one last round of applause to those who are no longer on the world stage: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38418802?SThisFB

And now, I offer a few random thoughts gathered during these last few months for Carpe Noctum readers, a few photo op images, a few San Diego and Glendale Arizona photos.Yes, it's the usual year end stuff.

Little Italy, San Diego, CA

It's a neighborhood with art galleries, eateries, coffee shops, and just up from the trolley. Little Italy has a marvelous Saturday market with local produce and arts vendors.

                                         Little Italy has two huge Nut Cracker Statues

Fresh produce and buskers form accordion players to country and western singers. On several of its street corners, musicians serenade us through our foraging for local and exotic foods. That's how I met Pua. I heard his music from a block away and was so soothed that I followed his sound. He was singing on a corner as marketers stopped from time to time to listen.

A Samoan who takes pride in his cultural diversity, Pua loves to play his guitar and sing, anything from island melodies to Christmas Songs to songs about California. According to his wife, he is self taught. Pua learned music from his uncles as they sat under the trees of Samoa and shared songs when he was a little boy. He picked up a guitar and worked on a soft clean finger touch that is a marvel to hear. His voice is like liquid light. We sometimes need to be reminded that music in a skilled musician's crafting, is a gift with potential to heal, somewhat forgotten in this era of detached interaction. 

Peace and Hope

It's a season of celebrating Christ's birth during which many sing of peace and goodwill. It's easy to forget at what price Christ paid for such an audacious extension of hope to all. Nothing against reindeer and talking snowmen, and newly invented seasonal characters. Peace is a seriously hazardous ideology to embrace.

I attended an inspiring and yet sensibilities check set of lectures about peace and hope this year. Three women whose chaos filled daily existence is the norm for many, shared their rewardingly difficult lives in war torn communities continually struggling to rebuild, surrounded by ruin. Our tragically treacherous inner city ghettos in the states seem sadly similar, yet more sadly less mordacious.

They spoke of patience and love. They reminded us that many men with whom women work for a better life resonate with our cause: our husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, friends. And others who oppose us and them, ironically can also be our husbands, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, friends,  bringers of challenges, conflict, and war. Showing love is at times not easy.

These women spoke harsh realities about peace, love, men, women, children and hope. It was inspiring to meet them and talk after their lectures.

                                                   They are Women Peacemakers
Hamsatu Allamin, (Delores Fisher), Jane Anyango

Fatma Mehdi, Jane Anyango, (Delores Fisher) Hamsatu Allamin


In the states, we start to celebrate the end of the year at least a month earlier. We embed it in our present through our history in becoming a nation. We intentionally focus on being aware of blessings even in the middle of tenuous conflict and trauma.

Thanksgiving through New Years is a time to enjoy food, family, love, song--past memories of times before, of people no longer alive, of homes no longer filled with children and laughter. We share with our homeless in their urban tents, on their matted blankets, on their cardboard boxes. Those with good memories smile, laugh, weep.

We share our overflow with those who have rarely or have never experienced having as if  at least a glimpse of what could be will sustain them through their adversity for a little while longer, hope.

Many who are blessed to have pleasant memories hold onto the "good traditions," try to recreate for our next generations a sense of what is substantive so they can experience at least a glimpse of what their lives could be beyond vacuous materialism. Peace, hope bring light, bring context to consumer driven emptiness. So, we celebrate.

                                                        Thanksgiving 2016

                                             Glendale Arizona Festival of Lights


Musicians, Composers, and Performers

And of course, for those of us in the arts, this is a time to perform and to create. We have big footsteps to follow that can not be filled. We must take our own steps. We have lost many giants as well as those less well known who do everyday arts for life this year. It is up to us to us now as we imagine and consider a better world.

Well, it has been a year to remember

Delores Fisher,
A few random Carpe Noctum thoughts as we leave 2016 and enter 2017.  Happy New Year!